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Lyfthrasyr - The Recent Foresight (8,5/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Twilight-Vertrieb
Playing time: 40:39
Band homepage: Lyfthrasyr


  1. The Addiction To Peace
  2. Rage Towards Apathy
  3. Venture And Value
  4. Servants In Silent Devotion
  5. Vision Of Hope And Despair
  6. Exhaling The Spirit Of Time
  7. Obsession In A Convenient Manner
  8. Perception Never Expected
Lyfthrasyr - The Recent Foresight

LYFTHRASYR who hail from Karlsruhe in Germany have been around for about half a dozen years and released their second album towards the end of 2007, of course this album is called “The Recent Foresight”.  Do not fall for the Black Metal genre description though, purist fans of the genre will certainly find some joy here, but are sure to spit bullets about the modern sound of the music and production.  However on the other side of the coin, the more liberal fans of the genre are surely in for a treat if they do decide to go get this album right now.

Using only Black Metal as a description of this music would not be entirely accurate in any case, there certainly is a lot of influences at work here, just a glance at the band members’ list of favourite albums will give a few clues to where this album is headed.  This album certainly is Symphonic (THE KOVENANT, DIMMU BORGIR), Electronic (SAMAEL, DEATHSTARS), Death (HYPOCRISY), Gothic (early CRADLE OF FILTH – especially in the synth department), and a touch Progressive (DREAM THEATER) and probably a pinch PINK FLOYD makes this a very lively album.  I know that might sound like quite a lot to take in and certainly this is the case, but the classical piano synthed keyboard (let’s face it, no one needs real pianos, violins etc anymore) playing over stop-start blast beats soon pulls you into this maelstrom. 

Aggreash, the vocalist (also bass, keys, programming), covers a lot of ground with regards to his vocal style, going from soft through some deep Death Metal like growls to the more high pitched screams of the Black Metal variety.  The lead and rhythm guitars are wielded by Insorior whose style and the sound of his leads on few occasions reminded me a bit of the guitars on the “Verisäkeet” album by MOONSORROW.  Finally we have Skytorian, the third member of the band who can be found hitting the holy shit out of his drum set – a job he handles with aplomb.

In a nutshell, this is a very modern sounding work of Black Metal as it is very Electronic and Symphonic and even though it plays a prominent part in the album, it is never overbearing and is kept in its place by the tight guitars and blasting drums.  LYFTHRASYS definitely is a band to look out for, because if they continue along this path, we will see the printed size of their logo on concert posters grow bigger and bigger.

(Online May 5, 2008)

Jean-Pierre du Toit

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