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Raintime - Flies & Lies (6,5/10) - Italy - 2007

Genre: Melodic Metal / Death Metal
Label: Bieler Bros.
Playing time: 46:22
Band homepage: Raintime


  1. Flies & Lies
  2. Rolling Chances
  3. Apeiron
  4. Rainbringer
  5. Finally Me
  6. Tears Of Sorrow
  7. The Black Well
  8. Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)
  9. Another Transition
  10. Burning Doll
  11. Matrioska
Raintime - Flies & Lies

This album is called ďFlies & LiesĒ and is made by a group of Italians that call themselves RAINTIME. The music on this record borders between Melodic Death Metal and ordinary Melodic Metal. Some songs, and many choruses, are clean and not rough at all. There is some quite good melody making on here and the drumming, the bass-work and the guitars are well-timed.


A feeling that is present throughout this album is that this is very popular sounding and catchy. The well-timed and well-executed instrumental work is also part of this smooth and worked-through feeling. This isnít exactly BATHORY, if you know what I mean ... This branch of Melodic Death Metal has always been a genre that I think could gain popularity in wider audiences than just the Metal fans, because of its closeness to more popular genres, mainly American Pop and Rock. There is also something that makes me think of American youth and college movies, even though I canít really determine what it is.


Donít get me wrong Ė this is not LINKIN PARK or JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. There is just a Pop tone in the music. Otherwise I would say that this sounds like CHILDREN OF BODOM meets Melodic Metal with a touch of SONATA ARCTICA and American Pop/Rock. I would recommend this to people that think that CHILDREN OF BODOM is about as extreme they will go and mainly listen to Power, Heavy and Melodic Metal and maybe Modern Rock and other bordering genres. If that recommendation sounded a bit condescending, I didnít mean it Ė this is a catchy album with good melodies. 

(Online May 14, 2008)

Adam Westlund

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