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Cosmics - The Cosmic Year (5/10) - Italy - 2008

Genre: Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 51:37
Band homepage: Cosmics


  1. Big Bang
  2. Life Birth
  3. Giants Domination
  4. Chicxulub
  5. Global Extinction
  6. Omination
  7. History Begins
  8. Emperors And Gods
  9. Voyages Of Discovery
  10. The Last Second
Cosmics - The Cosmic Year

This snippet is lifted from Daniele Liverani’s , the creator of COSMICS, web site:


Each track contains various movements given a sonic reference to specific moments in the evolution of the universe which maintain both a progressive outlook yet work cohesively as a sonic unit and as single entities’’


In a nutshell much musical wankery based around the absurd keyboard talents of Liverani and those he has cajooled into joining him as they indulge themselves into an orgy of lyric-less Prog Metal.

There is no doubt that this is a very well produced, arranged highly technical piece of music. Indeed who is to say that it isn’t music born from specific moments in universal evolution. However striking a chord for mass appeal it doesn’t. This is yet another Prog Metal record content to showcase the skills of those involved much to the lamentations of those less talented.


So not to be totally critical there is some excellent playing across ’’The Cosmic Years’’ with ’’Emperors And Gods’’ being a particualr highlight but overall there’s a lack of passion throughout and determinable end product. If you fancy a shot at quality Prog Metal then try TOOL, MASTODON or the reverential PORCUPINE TREE for the real deal.

(Online May 18, 2008)

Chris Doran

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