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Caliginous - Reap The Atrocity (4/10) - Canada - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 57:17
Band homepage: Caliginous


  1. We Wage War And We Shed Blood
  2. Pitiless Aeon Of The Slain
  3. Order Of The Merciless
  4. The Aphotic Axis
  5. Astral Plane Of Predatory Angles
  6. Noetic Supremacy
  7. Oceanus Procellarum
  8. Void Of The Funerary Reich
  9. Seppuku


Caliginous - Reap The Atrocity

CALIGINOUS – “Reap The Atrocity”


1 cat, (pref. young, feisty, with all 9 lives intact – one for each track)

1 bottle of lighter fluid

250ml blood (pref goat)

1 goats horn, ground into fine powder

A frying pan,


Take two sheets of tin foil, cut into two circles about 6.66cm in diameter and fit them around your ears, but make sure that your hearing is not completely blocked. Next, heat the frying pan to medium heat and slowly start adding and warming the blood. When it has reached a mercurial consistency, add two tablespoons goats’ horn powder. Finally, take the cat and… let your own imagination run as wild as mine did when I first heard CALIGINOUS’S album, “Reap The Atrocity”. 

The first image the music formed in my mind was “this is what a cat would sound like if you put it in a blender and press “ON”. High-pitched, screeching vocals complements the noisy, screeching guitars and the whole album sounds like it is played through a thin tin metal membrane (production). The  length of the songs vary throughout the album, with three clocking in over nine minutes and four around five minutes, and as this album is by no means soft on the ears, that is rather too much. The music has no soul and it sounds like the main objective on this album is to be as noisy as possible – at least in this regard CALIGINOUS has come up aces. 

Those who feel an urge for early croaking Norwegian Black Metal a la MAYHEM etc. should probably at least listen to the slightly epic track, “Noetic Supremacy”, which I believe to be highlight on the album. Those who would rather listen to Black Metal that is, erm, good, should go look somewhere else. 

P.S.  For the record, I would like to state that I believe abuse of ANY animal is wrong and offenders should go to a cold and dark prison for a very, very long time, where imaginative ways of alternate punishment involving animals should be implemented.

(Online May 24, 2008)

Jean-Pierre du Toit

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