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Stormwarrior - s/t (8,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Remedy Records
Playing time: 53:59
Band homepage: Stormwarrior


  1. The Hammer Returneth
  2. Signe Of The Warlorde
  3. Sons Of Steele
  4. Bounde By The Oath
  5. Deceiver
  6. The Axewielder
  7. Deathe By The Blade
  8. Thunderer
  9. Iron Prayers
  10. Defenders Of Metal
  11. Chains Of Slavery
  12. Heavy Metal (Is The Law) (DigiPak-Bonus)
Stormwarrior - s/t
Fine battle-intro and vroom the guitar-volley sets in with the opener "Signe Of The Warlorde". The guitar sound is almost exactly as with "Ride The Sky" by HELLOWEEN, which, of course, is consciously! STORMWARRIOR also are from Hamburg and could win over none other than their idol Kai Hansen for the production.

He has given this album a great, unpolished sound, so who likes the first two HELLOWEEN-albums will love STORMWARRIOR! But also fans of the old RUNNING WILD should get value for their money. Because the warriors play this style with a passion and fire that it is a real joy to listen to them. The strong songs, full of clichés confirm that.

The hymn-factor is very high and to shout along is just plain fun. Some will call the band HELLOWEEN-clones, but I think that if an album is so gripping, forcing you to bang along - who cares. Also cult, the battle-cover of original HELLOWEEN-artist Uwe Karczewski. I just have to smile when I see this...

Heavy Metal is the law - what else? (Online October 31, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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