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In Death I Become - The Splendour Of Emptiness (6,5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 39:39
Band homepage: In Death I Become


  1. Wraith Of Salvation
  2. Beneath The Tree
  3. Stillness
  4. To Witness This Death
  5. Kvasir´s Blood
  6. Grieving
In Death I Become - The Splendour Of Emptiness

Say what you want about American Metal; how popular sounding it might be, or how confined Aggro/Metalcore bands tend to be. Tell the world how loathsome the late ninety era Nu-Metal wave really was. Throughout the last decade or so, trends have played a significant part in U.S. Metal music, but there´s no denying the fact that there are many bands from this very country just playing tight Metal music for the love of their influences. One such monicker is IN DEATH I BECOME, playing a sort of ancient Death/Doom Metal with all the classic inspirational sources.


“The Splendour Of Emptiness”, as the title suggests, is a collection of rather bleak, morose songwriting. The tracks as lenghty, 5 up to 8 minutes songs lined up with homages towards British Doom, Swedish Death and a dark pinch of Gothic atmospheres, gloomy Metal music in short. A couple of the songs did make a good impression on me, partially because of nostalgic reasons, partially because of the quite ok quality, (see last two minutes of “Grieving”).


The riffs are slow to uptempo-ish, the Doom influences seem to play the bigger part of the show. There´s everything from sorrowful MY DYING BRIDE related passages to classic twin lead CANDLEMASS slumbers. The band does really good in portraying Doom Metal as it was back in early nineties and further back in time. The main vocals are painful growls that highlight the anguished nature of the style. There´s also some despairing clean vocals recalling ANATHEMA´s humble beginnings. Again, they suit the music, but somehow I´m not feeling them all the way.


The biggest flaw in this case is the sound production. Although traditionally stripped without any fancy editing, there are some sloppy moments (“Beneath The Tree”) where the drums almost are lost in the mix, which definitely makes the music loose some weight, very un-doomy hehe. I like the sound of the ethereal clean guitar sections, but overall I´m not entirely satisfied with the sound.


They´ve got the good sounding riffs, the dark atmospheres, some epicness as well, basically a genre committed band, with a less favourable sound in my opinion.

(Online May 28, 2008)

Frodi Stenberg

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