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Black Comedy - Instigator (6/10) - Norway - 2008

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 58:06
Band homepage: Black Comedy


  1. The Emergence (Intro)
  2. Favourite Hate Object
  3. War Incognito
  4. Sum Of All Shit
  5. Prime Specimen
  6. Civil Paranoia
  7. At One With Decadence
  8. Lord Of Locust
  9. Inhale The Sulphur
  10. Crawl To Exceed
  11. Subtle Conversion (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)
  12. Story Of The God, The Beast, And The Fools Between
Black Comedy - Instigator

Looking for an album that will surely divide the masses? “Maybe”, you say? What if I throw the term “Modern Metal” out there? Much like their brethren in MNEMIC, RAUNCHY, SYBREED and even MERCENARY (to an extent), BLACK COMEDY are going to see just about everyone who hears their sophomore album, “Instigator”, either loving or hating it. Elitists who feel that nothing modern should be allowed in their Metal will absolutely hate “Instigator”. The drums are heavily triggered, the keyboards have that electro-vibe, bleeps and bloops pop-up all over, the guitars chugga-chug along and the vocals have that MESHUGGAH quality to them. So basically, everything that makes the Modern Metal genre what it is, is found in spades on “Instigator”.


It was kind of a surprise to see that BLACK COMEDY featured in its ranks former members of DIMMU BORGIR and OLD MAN’S CHILD, but don’t expect even a slight bit of melodic, orchestral Black Metal to be found on “Instigator”. And you know what? Maybe I spoke to soon in my introduction, as “Instigator” is an album I feel rather indifferently about. Maybe that’s because I have no problems with Modern Metal, and even dig some of it quite a bit, but on that same hand, I’m not exactly a fan either. One thing I can tell you, being a fan of SOILWORK makes “Instigator” much more acceptable, for what that’s worth.


To sum it up, BLACK COMEDY hit the listener over the head with aggressive, yet super clean and supremely catchy Modern Metal. “Instigator” is as clean as a operating room, and every bit as safe as we hope operating rooms are as well. You won’t find anything even remotely original about “Instigator”, but if you dig the current crop of bands coming from Denmark, add BLACK COMEDY to your list of bands to check out.

(Online June 2, 2008)

Eric Vieth

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