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Anguish - Symmetry (8,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 50:21
Band homepage: Anguish


  1. N.E.W.
  2. Symmetry
  3. The Mirror
  4. Dreaming
  5. Moonlight
  6. Maze Of Emotions
  7. Obsidian Lies
  8. The Decision
  9. Fear Of The Rain
Anguish - Symmetry
The first album of Heidelberg's ANGUISH has passed me by completely unnoticed, maybe because it's 6 years old, released on the neither very well known nor too successful D&S label…

But I don't care, "Symmetry" is the subject of this review, not the past… And the cover already isn't a really good start, because it doesn't appeal to me in the least, which is a bad thing with someone like me, who loves good and interesting covers. Well, on to the music and at first listen it really left me out in the cold, at second listen didn't give me anything, what's wrong here? You tend to write off a CD in that case…

But that would have been a definitive mistake, because after I had left "Symmetry" on the side for a few days and put in again today, I almost have had the feeling as if someone had given me a different CD, because all of a sudden ANGUISH definitely work with me!

Announced as Progressive Metal, we neither get big frills not many breaks or abstract songs, but quite demanding song-structures, which sill remain accessible, so that I have got no clue why the hell I had not realised that before...

Already the opener "N.E.W. (New Embryonic World)" almost severs my head, not only great melodies and very good vocals, but at times some real heaviness and thundering double-bass, damn good start! And also "Symmetry", "Obsidian Lies", hammers! With vocal harmonies as the divine SHADOW GALLERY, heavy passages as stark contrast to calmer passages, everything united masterfully, very well arranged and they neither really sound like SHADOW GALLERY or anyone else, but to have a comparison with such a band is very positive in any way.

So do not make the mistake of letting the cover or the at the beginning maybe unspectacular music fool you, because the music is really good! (Online October 31, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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