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66 tablatures for Fear Factory

Fear Factory - Concrete (10/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 41:39
Band homepage: Fear Factory


  1. Big God/Raped Souls
  2. Arise Above Oppression
  3. Concrete
  4. Crises
  5. Escape Confusion
  6. Sangre De Ninos
  7. Soulwomb
  8. Echoes Of Innocence
  9. Dragged Down By The Weight Of Existence
  10. Deception
  11. Desecrate
  12. Suffer Age
  13. Anxiety
  14. Self Immolation
  15. Piss Christ
  16. Ulceration
Fear Factory - Concrete
Every interested Metal fan most probably has heard the sad news of the split of FEAR FACTORY. Without exaggeration a big loss, even though the two last albums would not ignite with many followers of the band the way they were used to. Still they had been great and looking at the influence that FEAR FACTORY has had on the whole scene during all those years, I would not want to drop any negative words here. Why should I, their legacy will still be loved the same way in years to come and will have its place in history.

Additionally a possible reunion never can be ruled out, but that will for sure take a while and should in that case be very well planned and thought-through. That the single members won't sit idle is already a fact with the numerous projects of the guys. So what is it with "Concrete" and why could you not get these "old" tracks via internet or a bootleg?

A well hidden secret, which isn't really a secret, when you look at it more closely. The majority of songs had been re-recorded for the debut "Soul Of A New Machine" that would see the light of the day one year later, in slightly different versions. Only "Sangre De Ninos", "Deception", "Anxiety" and "Ulceration" are really unknown, "Concrete", "Soulwomb" and "Echoes Of Innocence" have been redone and released on later works, in a more modern version. All in all not really exciting, you think? Still this album contains a few very interesting details.

For one it was the first production of a certain Ross Robinson, who in the glorious 80s had been string-tormentor by DETENTE and later made his fame with works for KORN, SLIPKNOT, SEPULTURA and countless other bands, and then "Concrete" took shape in the private studio of W.A.S.P. roughneck Blackie Lawless. Additionally "Concrete" sounds a lot rawer and brutal than "Soul Of A New Machine" one year later and with that is the first milestone of the factory. The massive mix from brutal Death Metal and melodic parts, where especially Burton C. Bell excels with his clear and measured voice, is not only to be regarded as groundbreaking, but for that time was a completely new musical direction on the battlefield of Heavy Metal. Until today countless bands either tried to copy this style or develop it. Some better, some worse, but never in the typical form that FEAR FACTORY had been celebrating over all those years, enthusing fans from all kinds of Metal with their music.

"Concrete" is also worth your money, because the label did not, as usual, just release a "Best Of"-album, but took a look back and released a really excellent album that sounds neither outdated nor leaves the impression that they wanted to make a little more money before forgetting the name FEAR FACTORY. For the end of the moving career of these four very sympathetic Americans you can unpack the highest rating. Thanks and rest in peace! (Online October 31, 2002)

Alexander Ehringer

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