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Wyvern - No Defiance Of Fate (6/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: No Fashion Records
Playing time: 46:47
Band homepage: -


  1. Horizon Of Glory
  2. The Liquid And The Metal
  3. Morningstar
  4. Starborn
  5. The Last Ordeal
  6. Like Dogs Climbing Up The Moon
  7. Defiance Of Fate
  8. Northern Union
  9. The Power Of Wyvern
Wyvern - No Defiance Of Fate
The Swedes' debut had been from the chapter "albums that the world has no use for". With "No Defiance Of Fate" the conditions are set for something more, because with Toni Kocmut they had been able to secure the service of the guy, who had ennobled the last two THYRFING-albums with his clean vocals.

So the vocals are at least two classes better than on the debut "The Wildfire", the production also is quite OK, so why is it that I just don't come to really like this album? Well, it's as simple as that: The compositions are not strong enough! They don't tread the paths of the STRATOGAMMAWEEN-clones, but sound a little more earthy, but I miss the fire, I miss the energy.

The dynamics within the songs, the flow within the compositions is what the tracks are lacking. Instrumentally everything is absolutely OK, but there's nothing that sticks to your memory, so this album has to be put into the file "albums you can listen to, but that the world still has no use for"...

For sure an improvement to "The Wildfire" and altogether absolutely solid, but there are soooooo many other bands out there, of which, unfortunately (for WYVERN), many also are better...

Alexander Melzer

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