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Destinity - The Inside (7/10) - France - 2008

Genre: Death Metal / Modern Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 47:30
Band homepage: Destinity


  1. My Senseless Theory
  2. Murder Within
  3. Thing I Will Never Feel
  4. Still Remember
  5. A Thousand Falling Skies
  6. Inhuman Corrosive Report
  7. Ready To Leave
  8. Enemy Process
  9. Escaping Reality
  10. The Inside
Destinity - The Inside

It’s amazing how much a band can change over the years as their own influences and viewpoints begin to change with time.   If one listens to DESTINITY’s first album, “Wepts From The Sky” and their latest release “The Inside”, it is almost impossible to tell that this is the same band.   DESTINITY has evolved so much in their career its amazing they have continued under the same name for this entire time.


“The Inside” has the French band following somewhat in the steps of their fellow countrymen SCARVE, by adding a Modern Metal shot into their Death/Thrash Metal mixture.   And in the end, it pays off for the band as they really embrace this change and this album tears off in full speed even if at times the music feels a little off. 


A mixture of melody, brutality, roaring vocals, soaring choruses, and an overall variety of different influences, “The Inside” has a little something for everyone.   Their song writing approach and awesomely smooth production and mixing value are what really push this release towards that Modern Metal sound.   The use of the keyboards as both melodic and sampling elements doesn’t hurt either. 


One of the most interesting elements on from DESTINITY on this release is their use of odd rhythms that overlay one another.   Where most bands want to blend their music, there are times when it felt as though DESTINITY wanted the music to jar the listener.   It works at times but isn’t the best


Unfortunately, the band still feels a little like out of place with this new style of music on the release.  Like a young man that is wearing a suit that is slightly too big, it just doesn’t fit quite right.   Although I’m impressed with the chance they have taken on the album, bands like MNEMIC and SCARVE just do it slightly better.   Maybe with some more time to really work on it the music would be tighter and more fluid.   Still a good album but not great.


Songs to check out: “My Senseless Theory”, “Thing I Will Never Feel”, “Ready To Leave”. 

(Online June 16, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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