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Cauldron Born - Born Of The Cauldron (7/10) - USA - 1997/2008

Genre: Power Metal
Label: StormSpell Records
Playing time: 58:12
Band homepage: -


  1. Crusader
  2. The Sword’s Lament
  3. Synchronicity At Midnight/A Baying Of Hounds
  4. Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
  5. The Final Incantation/In The Dreaming City
  6. In Fate’s Eye A King
  7. Born Of The Cauldron
  8. Unholy Sanctuary
  9. Lucifer’s Hammer (Warlord Cover)
Cauldron Born - Born Of The Cauldron

Something of US Power Metal cult band CAULDRON BORN’s debut, ‘’Born Of The Cauldron’’ gets the re-release treatment through Spellstorm Records that will see a much sought after album, originally issued via Underground Symphony, get the focus it deserves in the eyes and ears of the die hard US Metal fan.


And even though this was initially released away back in 1997 there’s still a thoroughly modern hard edge Power Metal sound emanating from its steel back bone. First impressions bring up the Progressive nature of CRIMSON GLORY plus the technical hard hitting riffing of ICED EARTH, JAG PANZER and FATES WARNING. Like a lot of ‘90’s US Power Metal bands, the spotlight is less on anthemic fist-in-the-air Metal salutes but more on demanding, brooding pseudo Power Prog. CAULDORN has it in spades.


However I am not going to pretend that this is easy listening a la HAMMERFALL, but if you enjoyed any of the earlier ICED EARTH or JAG PANZER albums then ‘’Born Of The Cauldron’’ could be a bit of a diamond in the rough.


With no song coming in at under five minutes in length and vocalist Danny White (he lasted but this one album) being an acquired taste. If Midnight from CRIMSON GLORY is not your bag or early Geoff Tate then ‘’Born Of The Cauldron’’ is best avoided but for all the others enjoying the resurgence of Metal sounds coming from across the pond in the shape of PHARAOH and CAGE, then CAULDRON BORN is yet another fine addition to the US Metal cannon.

(Online June 23, 2008)

Chris Doran

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