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Dagorlad - Herald Of Doom (7,5/10) - Belgium - 2008

Genre: Epic Metal / Black Metal
Label: Shiver Records
Playing time: 54:50
Band homepage: Dagorlad


  1. Intro
  2. Herald Of Doom
  3. Imptacar
  4. Silver Cross Brotherhood
  5. Dwarves
  6. Dragons
  7. Elves
  8. An Army Of Skeletons
  9. The Final Battle
Dagorlad - Herald Of Doom

First BATTLEROAR and now DAGORLAD…I should have worn my armor today.


Fans of BAL-SAGOTH and, to a less extent, SUMMONING, have a new band to add to their playlist (new being a relative term, since the band has actually been around for over 10 years). DAGORLAD possess most of same elements that make those two bands so enjoyable to some, and so unlistenable to others. Heavy on the keyboard “orchestration”, “Herald Of Doom” sweeps the listener into the depths of Middle Earth in a most epic (or cheesy, depending upon your view) fashion. The sound/production is very atmospheric, coming close to the wind-swept, recorded-in-a-huge-forest sound of SUMMONING. The guitars, bass and drums take a bit of backseat to the keyboards, but are still prominent in DAGORLAD’s sound. The vocals go from a spoken-style growl, to chanted choirs, to narrative parts, immediately bringing to mind a toned-down Lord Byron (BAL-SAGOTH).


DAGORLAD shows a knack for writing more concise and catchy songs than their counterparts, so to that extent they are somewhat more user friendly and accessible. However, there is still very narrow audience for this style of music, so don’t expect to hear DAGORLAD on the radio anytime soon.


“Herald Of Doom” is an excellent way to escape for an hour or so into the misty fields and jagged mountain ranges of a Tolkien-inspired fantasy world. DAGORLAD is not for the Metal fan without imagination however, definitely walking that thin line between joke and genius. As for my tastes, I find the band on the genius (albeit unoriginal) side of the fence, and recommend “Herald Of Doom” to all fans of quality, fantasy-based Metal.

(Online June 24, 2008)

Eric Vieth

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