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Swelter - Tremendous Ride (6/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Rockwerk Records
Playing time: 42:10
Band homepage: Swelter


  1. Intro (Beyond Belief)
  2. Tremendous Ride
  3. Anger Inside
  4. My Beast
  5. Doomed To Be Dreadful
  6. Shrank Back
  7. Paradise To Cell
  8. Fuel For Blast
  9. Torn Away
Swelter - Tremendous Ride

“Tremendous Ride” is the debut album from the German Heavy Metal band SWELTER. These guys stick to a fairly traditional Metal approach, with many slow moments and much melody. It works for them, at least as far as to making the album listenable, but with this kind of act you won’t be famous, I tell you. We have heard it before.


The first thing I thought of when hearing this band was the similarity of the singer’s voice to that of COHOBATION’s singer, Erik Arkö. (They are not the same person, though!) There stops the similarities with that interesting Progressive Metal band. The SWELTER members think much more within the box in creating their Metal. The guitars and basswork are solid, but we don’t get any surprising steps away from the ordinary riffing. This is actually true for all the instruments. The intro has a nice melody and separates itself quite a bit from the album sound, but among the songs I appreciated the semi-ballad “Paradise To Cell” the most.


This band is one that you wouldn’t say no to when playing a small venue or a pub, but to buy this album is further than I will go when there is so little new here. The album deserves a grade of 6 though – because they have learnt to create the solid fundament for Metal music. If they can come back with an idea of their own to apply upon this, then maybe I will be more positive towards their next try. 

(Online June 29, 2008)

Adam Westlund

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