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Horrificia/Raped Bitch - Split (8/10) - Brazil/Ecuador - 2006

Genre: Grindcore / Goregrind
Label: Humanos Mortos
Playing time: 24:37
Band homepage: Horrificia
Band homepage: Raped Bitch



  1. Coagula
  2. Camara Da Orgia Visceral
  3. Despertar Do Vente Negro
  4. Hans
  5. Buio Omega
  6. Damonenbrut
  7. Diante De Suas Entranhas

Raped Bitch

  1. Abuso Del Recto
  2. Tratando De Insertar Mis Dedos En Uno De Tus Huecos
  3. Endless Vaginal Bleeeding
  4. Drowning On Sticky Yellow Sperm
  5. Exagerated Facial Mess
  6. Brutal Infection Of The Clitoris
  7. The Anal Torture
  8. Orgasmo Anal
  9. Genital Freak
Horrificia - Split

This split comes hammering in with all the subtlety of a gorilla fist fuck. The carpet bombing here resembles a B52 stag night, relentless percussion and ear drums running off screaming for their Mum. Brutality is the beast at play and with this two-headed monster straining at the leash, it's probably time to think of life insurance.

HORRIFICIA start the stampede in emphatic fashion, battleship heavy and torpedo boat fast, this Grind/Death battalion belt out barrages of bludgeon that does its level best to flatten the listener into the ground, crushing riffs highlighted by some arc weld lead strikes blitzkreig alongside a pummelling cacophony of drums, the drums aim for aural collapse and do so without resorting to constant skull-top snare, instead the drums are muffled but no less devastating.

Though their tracks don't hang about, HORRIFICIA frequently lessen the pace but not the intensity, it's shin shattering whatever the dynamic, slower sections don't sound anything like breakdowns and the punishment prevails. Vocals are archetypal bestial roar, thankfully they stay well clear of piggy noises and resorting to pure belly rumbling burps, concentrating instead on maintaining a nasty animalistic mic savaging. Whilst it's all over the top, it's also catchy, the ground shaking groove that permeates this girder strong assault demonstrates that brutalality with the right delivery might rip your face off but it can still leave you enough teeth for a bloodied grin.

RAPED BITCH swap HORRIFICIA's take on a bloody gaping hole for another as they shun their mates stab-with-a-knife for a poke-with-a-pork sword. The usual preposterous rammed rectum rejoicing from some porn flick introduces a greater extremity, which is far nastier but less focussed than the preceding band. Far more simplistic, occasionally nearing the realms of nursery Grind, nonetheless when they find their groove RAPED BITCH are able to daisycut along with bomb-blastic glee, mainly thanks to an absolutely crippling crash of concussive drum machining.

Incomprehensible vocals of the most feral nature boost the feeling of filth, they approach white noise though still retain the wild boar trapped in a pit vibe. The guitar work is raw and lacks the twist and lightning flash that accompanies HORRIFICIA's work, still it bounces along like a lead balloon covered in all manner of shit and fulfills its role of upping the unpleasantness inherent in RAPED BITCH's sound. The production here ensures a crud encrusted result, which suits this lot down to the ground, wipe your feet when you leave, you don't want to traipse something unspeakable back home.

Two bands then that are able to cause serious damage, there's plenty in this game and so brutality alone isn't enough to ensure your noticed. Both these bands have elements that should bring them to note, I suspect that HORRICIA have more mileage in their sound but there's no denying that RAPED BITCH are just the job to rid yourself of unwanted guests.

(Online June 30, 2008)

Niall MacCartney

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