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24 tablatures for Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal - King Of All Kings (9/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 33:50
Band homepage: Hate Eternal


  1. Our Beckoning
  2. King Of All Kings
  3. The Obscure Terror
  4. Servants Of The Gods
  5. Beyond Redemption
  6. Born By Fire
  7. Chants In Declaration
  8. Rising Legions Of Black
  9. In Spirit (The Power Of Mana)
  10. Powers That Be
Hate Eternal - King Of All Kings
The previous album, "Conquering The Throne" was quite an upset in the Death Metal world. HATE ETERNAL, led by MORBID ANGEL axeman Erik Rutan, and completed by guitarist Doug Cerrito (ex-SUFFOCATION), drummer Tim Yeung (AGIEL, AURORA BOREALIS) and on bass Jared Anderson, pulverised the masses with their brutal Death Metal attack. Now it's 3 years later and much has changed. Doug Cerrito has left, Tim Yeung has been replaced by drum-master Derek Roddy (NILE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, AURORA BOREALIS) and Jared Anderson had not only the honour to lead MORBID ANGEL on their "Gateways To Annihilation" tour, but also to release a spectacular album by his one-man band INTERNECINE. And to show HATE ETERNAL is not just a side-project, after years of MORBID ANGEL, Erik Rutan decide to focus all his attention on HATE ETERNAL.

"King Of All Kings" was recorded and mixed in Erik Rutan's personal Mana Recording Studios, in Tampa, Florida. And similar to the INTERNECINE album, which was also recorded there, the overall sound of "King Of All Kings" will hit you like a crushing hammer. Where the previous album had the guitars more in the spotlight, the production on "King Of All Kings" is much more balanced. Of course it would be a crime to Metal to not be able to hear the inhuman slaughter of Derek Roddy, in my humble opinion the best drummer in the current Metal scene. Just combine his brutality with the bestial bass of Jared Anderson and the high speed, gutwrenching guitarplay of Erik Rutan and you get an idea of the sound of the new HATE ETERNAL album.

There is clear progression from "Conquering The Throne", possibly caused by the larger involvement of Jared Anderson in the song-writing process. The result is 9 tracks (minus the too standard intro) of immense Death Metal brutality! Prepare to be crushed by tracks such as "King Of All Kings", "Servants Of God", "Born By Fire", "Chants In Declaration" and "Powers That Be", but really any song will do the trick. Add the great artwork by Andreas Marschall, and you have a certain winner… True statement, but one remark. Although the overall level of the album is set at an incredible level, most of the songs are pretty similar. But really, do we care about that when the quality is so high?

HATE ETERNAL redefines brutality with their new album "King Of All Kings". With upcoming tours this band will only solidify their status in the Death Metal scene. This is for sure in the top three of the best Death Metal records released this year! (Online November 19, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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