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Lux Occulta - The Mother And The Enemy (7,5/10) - Poland - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 53:53
Band homepage: Lux Occulta


  1. Breathe In
  2. Mother Pandora
  3. Architecture
  4. Most Arrogant Life Form
  5. Yet Another Armageddon
  6. Gambit
  7. Midnight Crisis
  8. Pied Piper
  9. Missa Solemnis
  10. Breathe Out
Lux Occulta - The Mother And The Enemy
Some music is weird…musical weirdness is usually defined by irregular rhythms, foreign instruments, and incorporation of seemingly incompatible styles. LUX OCCULTA is such a band that features previously mentioned elements in their music.

If I'm not mistaken the band features 2 members of the fantastic band DECAPITATED, in guitarist Vogg and bass player Martin, but I have no bio to confirm this. Anyway, "The Mother And The Enemy" is the latest LUX OCCULTA disc, which can be best described as a mindbending twisted mix of Black Metal, Progressive music and Jazz. The album also features female vocals (on "Yet Another Armageddon", which also has some cool percussion, and also "Midnight Crisis") and hints of techno music, so on several occasions you have no idea this is a Metal recording you're listening to. The music has a very bizarre feeling, but does not really bother me all that much. Although I think that overall there could be a bit more Metal on the album ("Yet Another Armageddon", "Gambit" and "Midnight Crisis" are all totally non-Metal) the mix of Jazz and Progressive Black Metal works out fine. The highlights on this album are "Mother Pandora", "Architecture" and "Pied Piper". And as can be expected from pretty much all Polish bands on Metal Mind, both the production and level of musicianship are a guaranteed satisfaction!

"The Mother And The Enemy" is an adventurous piece of music, that is definitely only for the ones with affection for the extraordinary Metallic sub-divisions. Since this type of music is not necessarily at a wrong place with me, I appreciate this latest album of LUX OCCULTA and look forward to hear more material of the band. (Online November 20, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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