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Machinery - The Passing (8/10) - Sweden - 2008

Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Regain Records
Playing time: 46:44
Band homepage: Machinery


  1. Cold
  2. Reason Is The Truth
  3. I Divine
  4. Dead Man
  5. Delirium In Vengeance
  6. Bloodline
  7. Decide By Pain
  8. The Passing
  9. Waiting For The Wave
Machinery - The Passing

It’s amazing to me how some bands can just blend different subgenres of Metal together so uniquely. One would think that eventually there would just be a ton of clones with only a handful of bands that really make it work to their own sound. MACHINERY are one of those bands that really just blends Thrash Metal and Power Metal in a way that is very much there own.


“The Passing” is a great example of how to combine these two genres together and make a volatile product that surpasses all expectations.  Granted, this album isn’t perfect by any means (we will get to that later on in the review) but I just wanted to state that these guys did it very well.


As for this album, the band are doing some very good things on the album with keeping it varied enough so each song has it’s own identity without losing too much of the solidifying aspect of the album as a whole. There is some great build to the songs, “Waiting For The Wave” has a beautiful and melodic intro that just erupts nicely. Pair this up with a wonderful production via Jonas Kjellgren, who seems to be garnering a nice reputation as a producer, and this is a winner in the aesthetic division.  


Overall this album is very melodic with some great solos and leads combined with some very epic keyboards (that sadly only appear when they are needed and otherwise just blend into the music). But MACHINERY also has a very aggressive side that is shown on the album with some very Thrashy tracks like “Reason Is The Truth”. Vocalist Michel Isberg steals the show with his wide range of falsettos to death growls on the album.  


Now with all this praise going for the album why could it have gotten a lower score than a 9 or 10? The song writing gets a little much at times. Some of the tracks drag on a little longer than they should and it feels that the band tries very hard to be epic. They extend tracks and pull rhythms and melodies just too long. A song will reach a type of natural climax and then continue on for another couple of minutes that feels a little forced. Although it is a solid release with very epic songwriting, sometimes it feels a little too forced to truly be the beauty that this band was aiming for.


Songs to check out: “I Divine”, “Bloodline”, “Decide By Pain”. 

(Online July 5, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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