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Coffins - Buried Death (6,5/10) - Japan - 2008

Genre: Sludge Doom / Death Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Playing time: 44:09
Band homepage: Coffins


  1. Under The Stench
  2. Buried Death
  3. Cadaver Blood
  4. Altars In Gore
  5. Mortification To Ruin
  6. Deadly Sinners
  7. Purgatorial Madness
  8. The Frozen Styx
Coffins - Buried Death

Now this is pure underground!!! I´m counting eight years of existence, two demos, seven split CD´s, one best of compilation (released after only two demos, one being a rehearsal hehe), one EP and two full lenght albums. Japan´s cult item number one COFFINS, from what I´ve gathered, are somewhat of grand stature to many people, I´ve never been aware of them as my interests in Metal music lie on other continents.


“Buried Death” marks their third album of sludgy Doom/Death Metal (with a dash of vintage Thrash Metal), played with old school conviction. MORBID ANGEL, AUTOPSY, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, WINTER, etc. etc. all the classic bands shine through in all the tracks that were recorded for this release. If you´re a fan of the aforementioned bands, this band should get you excited all over again. It´s hard to pull off such a rough retro vibe in this day and age, but this trio manage to sound so repulsive, nauseous and blasphemous, I believe that some sort of tribute medal is in order here.


So we´ve established that everything is pretty much sickening in all aspects (songtitles, artwork, vocals, music and sound production). The question remains, is there anything beyond that? The answers is no, there´s is nothing else. COFFINS are a traditional old school formation, presumably inspired by the old guard that spawned the genre in the first place, and they´re doing it strictly because they have the same affinity for that fuzzy zombified snail pacing sound.


Some tracks are slow and punishing while others are a bit faster, not speedy, just faster, and you know what, that´ll work out just fine for some people. Me, I daresay it´s repetitive with conventional songwriting that doesn´t really step outside the genre´s blueprint. There´s some good music here but after a few tracks I lose interest, there´s just not enough variation for my picky ears.


All in all, I´m glad to finally have gotten the chance to hear some Metal from Japan. COFFINS however, didn´t impress me that much, although kudos for the evil “catacomb like” vibe on the instruments.

(Online July 5, 2008)

Frodi Stenberg

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