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Trail Of Tears - A New Dimension Of Might (9,5/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 54:20
Band homepage: Trail Of Tears


  1. Ecstatic
  2. A Fate Sealed In Red
  3. Crashing Down
  4. Obedience In The Absence Of Logic
  5. Liquid View
  6. Denial And Pride
  7. The Call Of Lust
  8. Splendid Coma Visions
  9. Bloodred Trance
  10. Caffeine (Bonustrack)
Trail Of Tears - A New Dimension Of Might
The latest TRAIL OF TEARS album "Profoundemonium" was accompanied by much negativity, with female vocalist Helena Iren Michaelsen as the centre of these disturbances. Now they are back with a vengeance, having found Cathrine Paulsen to take care of the vocal duties along with Ronny Thorsen. The result has been called "A New Dimension Of Might".

And TRAIL OF TEARS sounds angry! Compared to their previous album they have gained a lot of aggression in their music, sometimes sounding more like Black Metal than their previous Dark Gothic Metal categorisation. However, they have not entirely thrown away their old concepts, but rather added a new twist to their sound. And hey, it worked! Where I often found "Profoundemonium" a bit too "soft" for my liking, "A New Dimension Of Might" definitely connects with my musical tastes. Of course the crystal clear production by Terje Refsnes (Finnvox Studios, recorded latest TRISTANIA and SIRENIA album) helps, as well as the great vocals! The voice of Ronny Thorsen is very dark, and is completed by clean vocals of guest musician Kjetil Nordhus, while Cathrine Paulsen is not as predominantly present as Helena Iren Michaelsen and only contributes when the music really asks for it.

"A New Dimension Of Might" is best described as a perfect equilibrium between Dark Gothic Beauty and Black Metal aggression. As I found myself searching for outstanding tracks on this album I came to the conclusion that every song is great, yet still has it's own identity. I will only mention the remarkable and wicked FAITH NO MORE cover "Caffeine" then, which is found on the limited slipcase edition of this album.

TRAIL OF TEARS has succeeded in casting away troubles of the past, and are back with a vengeance. "A New Dimension Of Might" presents a new musical dimension to the band… and quite a mighty one indeed! To me this record is one of the most pleasant surprises of the already outstanding Metal year! (Online November 20, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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