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Floodstain - Dreams Make Monsters (6/10) - Netherlands - 2008

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: BadMoodMan Music
Playing time: 42:05
Band homepage: Floodstain


  1. Moster
  2. Love Is Poison
  3. Trailblazer
  4. You Lose Alone
  5. Deathwish
  6. Stray Dogs
  7. End Of Trail
Floodstain - Dreams Make Monsters

Dutch Stoner Rock act FLOODSTAIN makes no pretense of being original or progressive, which is fine, but the direct aping they display on "Dreams Make Monsters" is distracting and unwarranted. From the guitar riffs to the laid back/intoxicated (take your pick) vocals, “Love Is Poison” has nearly all of its elements pulled from any number of songs by QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, “No One Knows” being the most obvious. “You Lose Alone” sounds like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY at their least interesting, which would not be that bad if the song were not a repetitive and meandering eight and a half minutes. The rest of the songs are a mixture of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and a bit of FU MANCHU, as well as the previous bands mentioned. 


It is true that the Stoner Rock/Metal genre is, by nature, a self-limiting one as most bands proudly wear their influences on their collective sleeves. Still, that does not stop the stalwarts of the genre from being exciting and energetic. FLOODSTAIN lacks the sneer-inducing drive and all-around delight in all things Rock that one expects in a band of this genre. Instead of being fun, "Dreams Make Monsters" is the auditory personification of going through the motions. The band does get things right occasionally, like on the comparatively brief and vigorous “Deathwish,” but on the whole, there’s just not much to grab and engage the listener.

(Online July 10, 2008)

John Arminio

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