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35 tablatures for Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Live At The Whiskey A Go Go (7/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 59:41
Band homepage: Malevolent Creation


  1. Impaled Existence
  2. Manic Demise
  3. Slaughter Of Innocence
  4. Blood Brothers
  5. To Die Is At Hand
  6. Mass Graves
  7. The Fine Art Of Murder
  8. Scorn
  9. Eve Of The Apocalypse
  10. Infernal Desire
  11. Multiple Stab Wounds
  12. Coronation Of Our Domain / Monster
Malevolent Creation - Live At The Whiskey A Go Go

Bands release live performances for a variety of reasons. Whether to fulfill contractual obligations or appease fans from earlier years, MALEVOLENT CREATION showcase a solid set list from their pinnacle line-up.


“Live At The Whiskey A Go Go” marks the band’s second live release for the new millennium. The actual performance occurred in 1999 after the crucial release of “The Fine Art Of Murder,” and in spite of frequent F-bombs, front man Bret Hoffman seems confident and content. The band performs five tracks off the definitive release and two or three tracks from each prior effort (excluding “Stillborn”).


MC never stray from the factory much when performing live. Every riff mirrors the studio cut with the exception of samples and solos. Hoffman emulates a few quotes from “Infernal Desire” to keep the performance consistent, and outside of a few production flaws listeners will appreciate the perfection that MC takes into their mimicry of each studio track.


The audience has little presence on the disc, which appeals to purists but disappoints those intrigued by the prestige of Los Angeles’ heralded venue. The musicianship compares with the pummeling that I and a hundred or so delinquents received from Hoffman and crew circa 1996, and the mix holds up well considering it probably came from a clear TDK or grey XL II cassette patched by RCA cables to the soundboard.


Technical difficulties cause a few frays during the recording of “The Fine Art Of Murder” while “Slaughter Of Innocence” contains a brief omission toward the song’s conclusion. Outside of these blemishes and the raw mix, “Live At The Whiskey A Go Go” serves as an accurate snapshot of the band at a crucial and definitive phase.

(Online July 10, 2008)

Dustin Hathaway

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