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Vinterriket - Kälte, Schnee & Eis-Rekapitulation Der Winterszeit (5/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Dark Ambient
Label: BadMoodMan Music
Playing time: 56:22
Band homepage: Vinterriket


  1. Winterschatten
  2. Verloren In Den Tiefen Des Waldes
  3. Aura II
  4. Der Schrei Der Leere
  5. Schneesturm / Einbruch Der Weißen Dunkelheit
  6. Aura I
  7. Monumentale Schwärze
  8. Züngelnde Winterflammen
Vinterriket - Kälte, Schnee & Eis-Rekapitulation Der Winterszeit

While this “compilation” is pitched as an “acoustic re-recording” of older material, this thirtieth-something VINTERRIKET release is actually more of a re-imagining envisioned through extensive synthesizer- and drum-machine use than through the gentle strumming of a guitar. In fact I can't hear much of anything acoustic amidst all the musical programming, which leads me to question the strange choice of words in the aforementioned sales-pitch.

While there aren't any Black Metal or purely atmospheric Ambient soundscapes on "Rekapitulation", the usual VINTERRIKET-trademark gust of freezing mountain winds has left its mark all over the re-recordings here. From the frost-laced keyboards to the busy use of winter-related samples, the snow-capped isolation we have come to expect after an ungodly amount of releases still stands as strong as ever. The raspy vocals have been sacrificed in favor of distant whispers that float within the blizzard of sound, and the result is a soothing yet ultimately boring experience.

With an average release-history of around 5 albums every year for the last eight years, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Christoph Ziegler doesn't have a great track-record of innovation. He continues doing what he does best, but as in my review of 2008s "Gebirgshöhenstille", I still wish he would try a little harder to break out of the ever-repeating cycle he seems to be caught in. If you're going to own just a single VINTERRIKET release, I'd suggest that you go with one of his more Black Metal oriented works, since the synth-use on "Rekapitulation" will be too much for many Metal-fans to stomach. In the end, it serves as a average-quality but totally unnecessary addition to one of the largest discographies of the 21st century.

(Online July 16, 2008)

Ailo Ravna

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