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Endless Blizzard - Remember Your Death (7/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Black Metal
Playing time: 49:06
Band homepage: Endless Blizzard


  1. Winters Early Breath 
  2. Arcane Dimension 
  3. Telepathic Rites 
  4. Luciferian Crown 
  5. Cultivated By Darkness 
  6. Under The Tranhelm 
  7. Deathlust Conqueror 
  8. Glorious Opiate Dream
  9. Buried Still Breathing / Remember Your Death 
Endless Blizzard - Remember Your Death

First off, there are no blizzards in California. When I think of winter there I think of rainy days around 45 degrees. With a moniker like ENDLESS BLIZZARD, a locale such as North Dakota or Maine would be more appropriate.

But this review is less about pretentiousness than it is about guilt by association. Pop this disc in and it won't be too long before you say “what is this, LEVIATHAN?” Close enough, I'd say. The geography makes sense, so I wouldn't be surprised if this solo artist got production tips from Wrest himself. It sounds perilously similar. Same goes for the croaky vocals.

Besides the production, ENDLESS BLIZZARD takes cues from Wrest with extensive use of ambient sections. Musically, we have a more technical, rock-out style LEVIATHAN, with melodies more malevolent than melancholy. Mmmm. In truth, the depressive feeling comes only from the necro production.

I see this album's value as a double-edged sword. This will be immediately pleasing to the numerous LEVIATHAN fans, but the fact that there is a superior band playing this style makes you question its worth. Sure this is great stuff, but Wrest does it way better. But hey, “Massive Conspiracy Against All Life” took cues from DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

(Online July 21, 2008)

Jeremy Swist

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