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Jesse James Dupree And Dixie Inc - Rev It Up And Go-Go (2/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Southern Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 51:57
Band homepage: Jesse James Dupree And Dixie Inc


  1. Rev It Up And Go-Go
  2. Bite
  3. Drop Dead Ready
  4. Tank
  5. Wash Me Away
  6. 1095
  7. Money Lovin And Speed
  8. Get To Me
  9. One Extreme Intro
  10. Welcome To The Show
  11. The Party
  12. Reality Star Intro
  13. Reality Star
  14. A.J. White's
  15. Well Enough
  16. Fire It Up
  17. Had To Get Stoned
  18. American As Apple Pie
  19. Far Out
  20. One Extreme Outro
Jesse James Dupree And Dixie Inc  - Rev It Up And Go-Go

Defying all sorts of natural laws, someone has actually managed to dumb-down JACKYL. Perhaps it is only natural that person happens to be the band’s former frontman Jesse James Dupree. Dubbing his solo project JESSE JAMES DUPREE AND DIXIE INC, the singer has divided "Rev It Up And Go-Go" into two halves. In the first, Dupree infuses his former band’s Country and Southern Rock influences with those of modern rock radio banality akin to the likes of SWITCHFOOT and others. Each song does its best to ape these various generic influences, but do so in the exact same way, resulting in a series of interchangeable and boring tracks that do nothing to distinguish themselves.    


The second half is apparently supposed to be a set of more pure Country recordings. In reality, these songs only differ from those of the first half in that the distortion is turned off and Dupree goes to far greater lengths to affect his southern accent. There are other superficial changes, such as the occasional unnecessary guitar twang, but these devices are all borrowed from the equally superficial world of modern mainstream Country and do little to actually add to the songs. The overall effect is that the second half of the album is more acutely annoying that the first as it becomes easier to cringe at specific traits rather than the overall approach. Having a song about reality TV forges new territory in shallow disposability, and that’s on an album with song titles like “Money Lovin and Speed” and “The Party.” "Rev It Up And Go-Go" is so persistently aggravating that it becomes unlistenable well before the end. This album is only recommended for aural masochists seeking new ways to torment themselves.

(Online July 25, 2008)

John Arminio

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