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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - JEMINEYE - Restless Hearts

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Jemineye - Restless Hearts (6,5/10) - Italy - 2008

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:27
Band homepage: Jemineye


  1. My Direction
  2. Bite Your Pain
  3. Lust For Death
  4. Impossible Reality
  5. A Way For Tomorrow
Jemineye - Restless Hearts

I was a little worried when I began listening to JEMINEYE’s "Restless Hearts" for the first time. The opening track, "My Direction" struck me as stilted which frustrated me to no end; there was clearly potential brooding withing the minds of the musicians involved as evidenced by the infectious chorus and the melodic guitar solo, but the majority of the track constructed itself a wall of creative tedium that it could not surpass despite its efforts. It begins without warning--lacklustre, choppy guitar riffs and an uncomfortably passive vocal performance, and save for the aforementioned salvaging moments, the song was quite bad for the most part. The song that followed showed much more promise; it sounded somewhat similar to 90s era METALLICA with a little more strength in the velocity department. And yet it still sounded like it was leaving potential untapped. The strengths were, again found in the guitar solos–melodic and easy to commit to memory.

The eerie, gothic-tinged "Lust For Death" sees the band slowing the tempo down a great deal, and putting synthesizer keyboards to good use. There are also an abundance of acoustic guitar passages throughout this track, and the combination of the acoustic guitar and the synthesizers help to create a calming mood. The singer’s voice suits this type of ballad much better than it does the heavier stuff; his melancholic crooning meshes perfectly with the atmosphere of the song at large. The tempo doesn’t increase a great deal for the remainder of the demo; "Impossible Reality" is a heavier song and probably the strongest on the demo. No more does the vocalist’s voice sound out of place in a heavier scenario, and he delivers the goods, and even manages to hit an impressively high note towards the end.

Listening to this demo, I find it difficult to believe that JEMINEYE began its existence as a MEGADETH cover band, unless the only ‘DETH album these guys ever listened to was "Cryptic Writings" that is. This isn’t loud or abrasive Heavy Metal; it is sprinkled with a decent amount of melody, and it isn’t a bad piece of music at all. Fans of mid-period MEGADETH will probably enjoy this to some degree; although, it isn’t even as good as "Cryptic Writings". But, it is what it is and that is a decent offering of melodic Heavy Metal with some neat atmosphere every now and then and all-too docile overtones.

(Online July 25, 2008)

Kevin Roy

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