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38 tablatures for Exodus

Exodus - Fabulous Disaster (8,5/10) - USA - 1989

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Combat Records
Playing time: 50:06
Band homepage: Exodus


  1. The Last Act Of Defiance
  2. Fabulous Disaster
  3. Toxic Waltz
  4. Low Rider
  5. Cajun Hell
  6. Like Father, Like Son
  7. Corruption
  8. Verbal Razors
  9. Open Season
  10. Overdose
Exodus - Fabulous Disaster

So for the second outing with a new outlook and new lead singer in tow, one would think that EXODUS would push themselves further and evolve their music. The difference between albums one and two is significant but the difference between “Pleasures Of The Flesh” and their third “Fabulous Disaster” is very little. Although the album is once again a fun and solid outing it does suffer a bit in comparison to the first two.


“Fabulous Disaster” suffers from the ‘carbon copy syndrome’. Their previous album hit a lot of great moments and the band sounds like they want to recreate that feeling that they had previously reached. And although this album is still quite good in its conception and presentation its just not what it could have been.


Once again the stellar line up that is present on this album (same as the previous) just nails every performance with energy and precision with particular nods going in Gary Holt (guitars) and Tom Hunting (drums). The song writing seems to falter at times on this album and some songs seem to carry on a bit longer than they should. The tongue in cheek lyrics and music don’t mix quite as smoothly as they did before but it’s still pretty solid in its writing as a whole. Looking at some of the lyrics of “Toxic Waltz” just makes me laugh till I’m sick – and quite frankly I love it.  


For the most part I love almost all the songs on “Fabulous Disaster”. The cover of WAR’s “Low Rider” is an odd moment on the album and would have been better suited as a B-side rather than stuck right in the middle of the record. Also the blues opening on “Cajun Hell” feels very out of place on a somewhat decent song. 


This album is a good solid release from the band once again and it really does fit in with the early work of EXODUS. Not quite as good as their first two it still stands sturdy on its own. 


Songs to check out: “Toxic Waltz”, “Like Father Like Son”, “Fabulous Disaster”.

(Online July 28, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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