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Gama Bomb - Citizen Brain (8/10) - Northern Ireland - 2008

Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover
Label: Earache
Playing time: 38:22
Band homepage: Gama Bomb


  1. Zombie Blood Nightmare
  2. Evil Voices
  3. Final Fight
  4. Time Crime
  5. Global Warming
  6. OCP
  7. Hammer Slammer
  8. Sentenced To Thrash
  9. Zombi Brew
  10. Hell Trucker
  11. Return Of The Technodrome
  12. Thrasaholic
  13. In The Court Of General Zod
  14. Space Invaders
  15. Bullet Belt
Gama Bomb - Citizen Brain

Now I’m not sure where GAMA BOMB has been all my life, but I’m sure glad that their latest album, sophomore effort “Citizen Brain”, landed in my lap. With the current Thrash Revival Movement more than in just full swing mode now, its not surprising that there would be another 80s Thrash band to wind up with a record deal. What is surprising is that despite all the competition in the field – there is still quite a bit of originality within some of these bands and GAMA BOMB is one of them.


“Citizen Brain” might be pushing the Crossover boundaries a little bit more than say their cohorts in the Thrash Revival movement but that doesn’t stop this album from being fun, energetic, and overall a joy to hear in every Thrash sense.


Speed is GAMA BOMB’s game and they tend to do it well – although at times it tends to all blur together like scenery from the window of a speeding car. But the raw energy these Irish folk are throwing down is contagious. It helps the band has plenty of great players – specifically drummer, Paul Caffrey who does double time keeping the music fast without sacrificing any sort of craftsmanship on the skins. But the chemistry between these young men is flammable and “Citizen Brain” sets their skills ablaze. 


What I really enjoy about this album though is the tongue-in-cheek humor that the band brings to the table. Whether it’s about zombies (a common topic for GAMA BOMB it seems), environmentalism, or even themes from Robocop – yes it’s true! – Its all fair game on “Citizen Brain” and I guarantee tons of high pitched shrieks and group chants through and through.   


“Citizen Brain” is a fun romp through off topic tangents as the boys in GAMA BOMB blast their way into the pages of Thrash history. Granted the album does feel a little repetitive for a while and it takes a fan of bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE to truly get it.


Songs to check out: “Time Crime”, “Hammer Slammer”, “Sentenced To Thrash”. 

(Online August 2, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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