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Messenger, The - Let's Get Dangerous (6/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Screamo
Label: Crazy Lucky Recordings
Playing time: 59:54
Band homepage: Messenger, The


  1. This Eagle Has Landed
  2. A Gondola Ride In Paris
  3. Hey, Vanity!
  4. Latina Heat
  5. Sex & John Candy
  6. Facility In Under 2:05
  7. Make Me
  8. Outline Of A Monster
  9. Nothing Says Party Like A Box Of Fine Wine
  10. I Was Born In A Holiday Inn
  11. Oh Girl, Just Music
  12. They Say My Name Is…
  13. Passando O Ano Novo Na Praia
Messenger, The - Let's Get Dangerous

Normally I’m no fan of Emo/Screamo or any variant of the genre, but THE MESSENGER seem to have crafted a surprisingly decent take on the style. The Pop-Punk Emo music permeating today’s Top 40 is way too fluffy and sugary, and yet the Hardcore Screamo stuff is just pure unalderated noise; how does a band overcome such deeply ingrained stereotypes? Why, by taking the best of each style, of course.


You’ll find more clean vocals than anguished screams on “Let’s Get Dangerous,” which lends an immediate catchiness to the album. Like most Emo stuff, you can hum along to it easily enough. However, this is radio music with balls; the instrumental work on “Let Get Dangerous” is far more advanced than stuff like FALL OUT BOY. Double-bass drumming is used several times to great effect, and the guitar riffs are noticeably more complex than those of your average Pop-Punk band.


However, after the first few songs, THE MESSENGER start to head into repetitive territory. They manage to capture your initial interest with the high energy of “This Eagle Has Landed,” and then the energy level (and subsequently, the listener’s interest level) slowly begins to decrease from there. By the time “Facility In Under 2:05” rolls around (which is named for the requirement to obtain the Invincibility cheat in GoldenEye 007, if I’m not mistaken), the album is firmly grounded in average territory, rather than still seeming like something fresh and novel.

Pop-Punk/Emo fans will likely dig this album, even though it’s a little heavier. Screamo fans will likely dig this album, even though it’s a little lighter. Either way, myriad fans of the genre can safely give THE MESSENGER a listen, as it’s slightly above-average stuff, but most metalheads can safely ignore the call to “Get Dangerous.”

(Online August 3, 2008)

Mitchel Betsch

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