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Catafalc - Still Suffering (7,5/10) - Estonia - 2008

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Très-Gore Records
Playing time: 32:20
Band homepage: Catafalc


  1. Vituperated Mundane
  2. Friendly Fire
  3. Deviance
  4. Will To Kill
  5. Chopped By The Ripper
  6. Mutilated To Ghoul
  7. Fleshmarket Homicide
  8. Organdealer
  9. Still Suffering
Catafalc - Still Suffering

Short n’ sweet Death Metal (or would that be short n’ ripe with decay and infested with maggots?), when properly done, is an enjoyable thing. Since pretty much anything coming out of Estonia that isn’t stricken with malnutrition or participating in World’s Strongest Man competitions is pretty damn Metal already, CATAFALC seems destined to do the Death variety with exceptional skill. The opening song on "Still Suffering", “Vituperated Mundane,” features start-stop blasting and guttural vocals that unleashes the proceedings in a headbang-worthy stampede. Appropriately enough, the drums charge across the various songs like a heard of crazed, galloping horses, surging the Metal forward. Stickman Eero Mitt deserves much of the credit for the album’s success.


The MORBID ANGEL tendencies/influences exhibited across "Still Suffering's" thirty-two minutes are numerous, but seeing as nearly every Death Metal band formed since 1992 has done the same (many with horrendous results), CATAFALC cannot be faulted too greatly for this. Tracks like “Deviance” show the band members’ ability to work skillfully and creatively within the narrow boundaries they have set for themselves. The song careens from rapid-fire blast beats to a crushing breakdown to a climatic solo with such natural ease that one would think the band has been recording for twenty years. This is a band that clearly takes pride in their craft (even if its application isn’t terribly original), and it is undeniably fun to listen to. 

(Online August 4, 2008)

John Arminio

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