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Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader (9/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: US-Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 48:40
Band homepage: Ross The Boss


  1. I. L. H.
  2. Blood Of Knives
  3. I Got The Right
  4. Death & Glory
  5. Plague Of Lies
  6. God Of Dying
  7. May The Gods Be With You
  8. Constantine's Sword
  9. We Will Kill
  10. Matador
  11. Immortal Son
Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader

It’s been about time that the ROSS THE BOSS band would finally come out with original songs after the success of their live shows. There was some deserved skepticism, because many people have had very high expectations, not myself, but I was all the more floored by the result. This is honest Heavy Metal without frills, which is totally influenced by the Eighties, but still sounds timeless, no experiments, no dick comparisons.


The album sounds like from one mould, here and there old MANOWAR really shine through, evoking memories and they probably would be happy to achieve this quality even half-way. They haven’t been able to come up with songs such as “God Of Dying” or “Matador” for many years now. I really love all songs on this album, such as the coming live grenade “Blood Of Knives“ or “We Will Kill” that is already known from their gigs. Or the closing epic “Immortal Son”, which has class, atmosphere, is true steel without ever sounding too happy or cheesy. The only two tracks that can’t fully keep up are “May The Gods Be With You“ and “Constantines Sword“, but they are not bad either.

Ross also made a good decision to hire his backing band, the MANOWAR cover band MEN OF WAR, especially shouter Patrick Fuchs has delivered his so far best vocal performance. The production, mixed by Tarek (MAJESTY) and mastered by Achim Köhler (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR), is nicely powerful and rounds off the album. For all Metal nostalgics and US Metal freaks: Get it.

(Online July 3, 2008)

Ralf Henn

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