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Soulfly - Conquer (8,5/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 71:09
Band homepage: Soulfly


  1. Blood Fire War Hate
  2. Unleash
  3. Paranoia
  4. Warmageddon
  5. Enemy Ghost
  6. Rough
  7. Fall Of The Cycophants
  8. Doom
  9. For Those About To Rot
  10. Touching The Void
  11. Soulfly VI
  12. Mypath
  13. Sailing On
  14. The Beautiful People (MARILYN MANSON Cover)
Soulfly - Conquer

For someone like Max Cavalera, it doesn’t seem to matter whether he puts out a good album or not – because his cult like fan base will continue to buy anything he has his name attached too. Luckily, it seems like in the last few years he just keeps putting out better and better releases. SOULFLY’s “Dark Ages” was quite a turn around for the band and his side project CAVALERA CONSPIRACY is nothing but sweet Thrash in the vein of mid-era SEPULTURA.


But where does the latest release from SOULFLY fit in? Well SOULFLY just keeps getting better and better with time. “Conquer”, the sixth album in the band’s catalog, has the band even pushing further in aggression and back towards the Thrash and Death Metal roots that Max is known for.


Older fans of SOULFLY won’t probably enjoy this release as much because it’s almost nothing like the early career of the band. Thrash seems to be the focus of this release instead of tribal inspired Nu Metal. Massive riffs, shredding solos, Punkish drumming, and a renewed energy all pour from “Conquer” as these four men find themselves pushing SOULFLY’s limit once again.


There is still that stamp of SOULFLY on this album – they haven’t changed completely. The bass parts are still a prominent and powerful force on the album with some of them being the driving force behind songs. There is also the tribal element on the album. Many of the tracks still incorporate tribal drumming and melodies to help give it variety along with the changes of tempos and rhythms. And of course, Max’s vocals never change.


But it’s the new found soloing and energy that really make this album feel great. The addition of Marc Rizzo on guitar two albums ago has only done wonders for the band and his amazing work on the guitar and shredding can NOT be understated on "Conquer". And this just brings a whole new feeling to the band with all of the members feeling renewed for the kill.


“Conquer” may not be the average SOULFLY fan’s cup of tea – but this release is going to bring in a whole slew of new fans with it’s darker and more Thrashy approach.


**Note: The last three tracks on the list are only available on the special edition.


Songs to check out: “Unleash”, “Enemy Ghost”, “Touching The Void”.

(Online August 15, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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