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DemonCrusher - Violencia Exponencial (3/10) - Chile - 2008

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 33:12
Band homepage: DemonCrusher


  1. Corazon De Hierro
  2. Onicocriptosis
  3. Garden Of Tears
  4. Tumor Violento
  5. Sonic Boom
  6. Chernobyl
DemonCrusher - Violencia Exponencial

DEMONCRUSHER is a Chilean Death/Thrash Metal band with a heavy dose of Progressive elements and a good deal of experimentation when it comes to their song structures. Normally, reading this description about a band’s music would pique my curiosity, at the very least. What’s sad is that “Violencia Exponencial” could have been a great debut album, but because of a couple of elements the band needs to drastically improve on.


Let’s go discuss the good bits of the album before I gut it with a rusty handsaw. The riffing on the album is very reminiscent of old-school Death Metal, with emphasis being put on the heaviness and catchiness of the riff, instead of trying to out-perform the Death Metal band next door. Furthermore, the songs are pretty creatively structured, letting go the standardized song-structure formulae for a more narrative approach, which I appreciate. I also enjoy the bass playing quite a bit, often playing a tiny bit against the guitars, which gives the music a great deal of tension, something missing in a lot of Death Metal these days. The rhythm guitar production also has a very dirty demo quality to it, which gives “Violencia Exponencial” a feel that it is run down and dirty, something that puts emphasis on the old-school mentality when it comes to writing the riffs. So the riffing is quasi-melodic with some elements of technicality involved, plus they are good riffs in and of themselves, the music is creatively structured and for all intents and purposes, the vocalist is pretty competent, so why the bad grade?


Simply put, the bad elements of this album are so apparent and obvious that they kill all of the enjoyment that one was having while listening to the record. The biggest problem is the lead guitar playing, and that’s on many levels. Now, one cardinal rule I have when it comes to playing a piece of music: if you can only play a piece sloppily, practice it in your room and don’t come out until you can nail it properly. The soloing on this record is just muddy, which ruins everything that the solo tries to accomplish. Soloing is also used to bridge together two sections of the song together, which often sounds like “riff a, a small fill, riff b”, a transition with good segue. To make things worse, there is no rhythm guitar track when there is a lead, so the song just sounds very empty. Furthermore, a lot of the riffing on the album is Death Metal with some melodic elements, but the soloing clashes with that completely by heading straight for the Neoclassical school of lead guitar. The contrast is just jarring and confusing, so the songs change mood suddenly with no rhyme nor reason, and that just turns the songs into a collection of riffs, which are well played and pretty good if not a bit generic, being held together very poorly by the atrocious lead playing. It’s like trying to assemble a space shuttle, but instead of using nuts and bolts to put the pieces together, one uses the sticky part of post-it notes.


This band can accomplish so much if they just work on the lead guitar playing, because it’s not just that one element that is merely acceptable while its surroundings are stellar, it actually drags everything down the shitter along with it.

(Online August 17, 2008)

Armen Janjanian

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