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Merciless Death - Realm Of Terror (8/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Heavy Artillery
Playing time: 28:12
Band homepage: Merciless Death


  1. The Abyss
  2. Realm Of Terror
  3. Evil Darkness
  4. Tombs Of The Dead
  5. Death Warriors
  6. Cult Of Doom
  7. Tormented Fate
  8. Fall To The Pentagram
  9. The Gate
  10. Summoning Of The Ancient Ones
Merciless Death - Realm Of Terror

Despite the rave critical and user reviews for MERCILESS DEATH, it took me a while to really appreciate the band.  And now with the release of their sophomore effort, “Realm Of Terror”, I was curious to see if the band had tightened up their sound from their first album or simply continued on their path that their debut created.


“Realm Of Terror” is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It is a tightening of the nuts and bolts from their first album with a few changes here and there to make the album feel different enough to keep their growing fan base satisfied. 


Their chaotic sense of structure and speed still remains intact as the driving force behind the band with the two guitarists trading off solos and riffs like hyper active kids having way too much fun. Add on one of the best drummers yet to come from the Thrash Revival Movement and essentially the energy just pours out of every note from this album. There is almost too much energy at times because the band never really lets up from the gas pedal. 


Considering the comparison between the first album and second one, I was hoping for a little bit more variety from these guys. The slower pacing on “Cult Of Doom” was a nice change for the band and thusly made that track instantly stick for me but for the most part this album is pure adrenaline in Thrash form.  


On a side note, it was nice to hear vocalist Andy Torres reach down into his lower register from his higher screechy vocals from the previous effort. But once again he doesn’t deviate from this form and keeps it throughout. I was kind of hoping, once I had heard the lower register that he would combine the two for a little more variety but alas, this is not so.   


Still, overall, “Realm Of Terror” is a great success for the band as they push forward with their style, tightening the nuts and bolts for the band and making good headway. Still a little disappointing for me but a great solid release that will have Thrash fans wanting more. 


Songs to check out: “Cult Of Doom”, “Realm Of Terror”, “Tormented Fate”. 

(Online August 19, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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