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Arallu - Satanic War In Jerusalem (4,5/10) - Israel - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: System Shock
Playing time: 42:24
Band homepage: Arallu


  1. The Sons Of Darkness!
  2. Jewish Devil!
  3. Religions Are Dead!
  4. Arallu's Rage!
  5. Evil Has No Boundaries!
  6. The Butchered Attacks Again!
  7. Jerusalem Gates!
  8. War Of The Genii!
  9. King Of Bloodcave!
  10. Mesopotamia Story!
Arallu - Satanic War In Jerusalem
That there are quite a few good bands in Israel should be clear to many of you, to pick only two bands: ORPHANED LAND, SALEM. ARALLU also are Israeli, a two-guy group, where one is "only" responsible for the drums and the traditional Harbuka (Nir Nakav of SALEM, whose Ze'ev Tananboim also has produced the whole thing, doing a really good job), the other one for all songwriting, all playing and also the croaking. So basically almost a one-man-project.

"Satanic War In Jerusalem" apparently already is the second album of ARALLU and although I do not know the first album, I am not sure, if I would want to meet the second one, because I honestly have quite some doubts about the musical and even more the lyrical part. I don't really think that I have to add that they are Black Metal, the song-title are pretty clear about that. And we can find some hate-filled fits, which are mostly played fast to very fast, with truly abominal vocals, but here and there also a few slower passages with good riffs and melodies.

Where I am a lot less sure, are the lyrics, which for one show pretty graphically what the certain Mister "Butchered - the hell warrior" thinks about Judaism and other religions, but on the other hand conveys that very (too?) placative, yes almost primitive. That a few passages are "sung" in Hebrew does not really help understanding the lyrics, but is a nice side-effect. "Genii" is one of his favourite words, just as they call themselves"true Mesopotamian satanic warriors", well, I won't comment that one…

Altogehter "Satanic War In Jerusalem", for my taste, is just too uniformed, despite the few different passages it is mostly straight and fast, plus the monotonous voice, there the SLAYER-cover "Evil Has No Boundaries!" doesn't help anymore, neither does "Mesopotamia Story!" that mostly consists of spoken samples and apparently tells the history of Mesopotamia.

Who likes often fast and not really varied Black Metal and is not put off by the lyrics, could check out ARALLU, but also in that area there absolutely are better ones… (Online November 6, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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