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Chrome Division - Booze, Broads And Beelzebub (6/10) - Norway - 2008

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 50:30
Band homepage: Chrome Division


  1. The Second Coming
  2. Booze, Broads And Beelzebub
  3. Wine Of Sin
  4. Raven Black Cadillac
  5. Life Of A Fighter
  6. The Devil Walks Proud
  7. Hate This Town
  8. The Boys From The East
  9. Doomsday Rider
  10. Let’s Hear It
  11. Sharp Dressed Man
  12. Bad Broad (Good Girl Gone Bad)
  13. Raise Your Flag
Chrome Division - Booze, Broads And Beelzebub

Tired of touting Satan around the world, ah the life of a Black Metaller must be so hard, Shagrath, he of the mighty DIMMU BORGIR has once again unfurled the flag of doomsday Rock N Roll and unleashed the sophomore album of CHROME DIVISION.


Pertaining to be some sort of Norwegian ‘’super group’’, CHROME DIVISION is to be taken with a fairly large pinch of salt. The band is definitely out to provoke and even lampoon themselves with the retro-biker feel and look. And along with the music it does sound somewhat contrived but the fury and down right Metal that CHROME DIVISION play is light years away from what the band members do in their other bands.


This album is firmly rooted in a NWOBHM vibe. And it’s all too easy to hear the MOTORHEAD influences with parts MAIDEN, PRIEST, ‘DC and SAXON. There’s also some cock-rock swaggering in the vein of THE QUIREBOYS and THE WILDHEARTS. A bit of a miasma of influences but it’s laid down with honesty, sweat and hard working endeavour. And that’s all you get though. The songs barrel and tumble along infused with energy and passion. There’s no let up for the most part. However it does all tend to sound too similar ironically like a MOTORHEAD album and with no real stand out track, ‘’Booze, Broads And Beelzebub’’ will find it difficult to make an impact.


Shagrath might well need a bit of a respite from the oppressive nature of his main job and he certainly pours his Metal heart and soul into this project but there’s hardly a good enough reason for anyone other than DIMMU BORGIR fans to pick this one up.

(Online August 26, 2008)

Chris Doran

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