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ScareCrown - 'Til The Last Breath (6/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 18:10
Band homepage: ScareCrown


  1. Pathos X
  2. The Valley Of Unrest
  3. Witch’s Heart Fable
  4. Suddenly
  5. Playin’ With A Swindler
ScareCrown - 'Til The Last Breath

The first effort from this Italian ensemble brings us a variation on Gothic Metal played in a modern way full of strong swinging riffs directing my thoughts towards Nu-Metal scene and above all to their Goth countrymen of LACUNA COIL. The listener-friendly, catchy, though not that super high-quality songs are composed according to the usual stanza-chorus pattern, which makes every track easily predictable. The core of every composition is in majority based on heavy, crunchy guitar parts supported neatly by the bass department, which results in an energetic mix making its way to a listener’s mind without any problems. These appear so to say  as soon as the last tune of the closing “Playin’ With A Swindler” passes by, for while I enjoy to a certain extent this work when listening to it, not a single melody line stays in my mind after having listened to the final track, so I do not feel like going through it time and again. This issue, however, regards the majority of bands creating such melodic and at the same time simple-structured music, hence I am not surprised.


There are moments on this release where the band try to enrich their music in a way mostly by the diverse vocal performance of Antonella Buosi (ranging from whispers, through strong clean singing to some high-pitched cries) and Andrea Boscariol whose Death growls can be heard in the track called “Suddenly”. Rarely, exactly in this composition the group create pretty nostalgic mood disturbed later in the chorus part by a distorted guitar wall. These few atmospheric fragments constitute some of the high-lights on the CD.


Considering the fact that “’Til The Last Breath” is a demo release, I should point out its decent, powerful and quite selective sound, which not every band at this level of their music career are able to gain. It is mainly the way the guitars were recorded, that makes me think quite positively about the production questions here. These juicy and concrete riffs they generate are capable of giving one a real energy kick.


Even if I find this material rather imitative and generally speaking unexciting, I can not say it is a complete waste of time because after all SCARECROWN’s demo is an example of correct Heavy playing. Moreover, I am quite certain, that this piece of music might prove itself appealing not only to dedicated Goth Metal fans. The modern approach these Italians have taken can grant them some popularity also among the wide audience rejoicing in Nu-Metal sounds.

(Online August 27, 2008)

Sebastian Jazdzewski

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