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Hecate Enthroned - Redimus (6,5/10) - Great Britain - 2004

Genre: Black Metal / Symphonic Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 45:56
Band homepage: Hecate Enthroned


  1. Intro
  2. Soil Of Sin
  3. Headhunter
  4. No One Hears
  5. The Face Of Betrayal
  6. As Fire
  7. The Shining Delight
  8. An Eternal Belief (I Am Born Part III) >mp3
  9. Morbeea
  10. Redimus
  11. Choosing Misanthropy
  12. Overriding Imagination
Hecate Enthroned - Redimus

HECATE ENTHRONED are a band I’d never previously heard of, yet as far as Black Metal goes, they seem to be pretty well known, even if for the wrong reasons. You see, with a former member of CRADLE OF FILTH in their ranks and a sound that could only be described as Symphonic Black Metal, their earlier albums were often put alongside CRADLE OF FILTH, only, well… not as good. Now, be it purposely or accidentally, the band changed their style, and as “Redimus” comes along, you find them playing a Symphonic style of Black/Death Metal.

Ok, maybe the change wasn’t that big. But still, it was needed, as now they’re at least not known as the disabled younger brother of CRADLE OF FILTH, at least now they have somewhat of an identity right? Well, not really. As far as this style of Metal goes, “Redimus” is just another half-decent album in a genre that is overcrowded with just half-decent albums. While decent enough to warrant a few listens, “Redimus” does absolutely nothing to distinguish itself from the crowd.

What you get here is a reasonably well played and written album full of ‘menacing’ keyboard overtones, ‘demonic’ vocals and ‘destructive’ riffs. That sound good? Well, it should do, as that is how I would describe a good album in this sort of genre, the thing with “Redimus” is that it lacks this sort of power that I would usually hope to find in an album like this. The keyboards are really not memorable enough to warrant their inclusion, the guitars play a few decent riffs here and there, but once again, not memorable enough, and the vocals, well, they’re there, nothing outstanding about them, though they are very solid. On a whole, the album itself is very ‘solid’, but that’s just it. There’s nothing exceptional about it, there a few really good moments in the music, but not enough to stand out, instead being lost soon after hearing.

There are a few good points though, one of them being the song “Redimus”, which is easily one of the better ones on the album. With chanted clean vocals and spoken word interludes, the song actually manages to drag along with a real dark atmosphere and sombre meaning, finally capturing something that should have been ever more present on the album. On this track you are treated to a lot of things, including the huge growled climax that manages to be more memorable and exciting than anything else on the album. In fact, on the last three songs, the band seem to pull themselves together and release some reasonably powerful and headbangable stuff, shame they couldn’t make an entire album out of material like that.

So, who would I recommend this to? Well, I’d have to think about that some more. There are better albums in this genre, and I’m sure better uncovered gems, so why waste your time on a pretty generic albeit solid album like this? If you really, and I mean really, need some more Symphonic Black/Death Metal, then you can’t really go wrong with this, just don’t expect anything to blow you away, because it probably won’t.

(Online August 30, 2008)

Raven Blackburn

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