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Hellacopters, The - By The Grace Of God (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Rock
Label: Universal
Playing time: 41:16
Band homepage: Hellacopters, The


  1. By The Grace Of God
  2. All New Low
  3. Down On Freestreet
  4. Better Than You
  5. Carry Me Home
  6. Rainy Days Revisited
  7. It's Good But It Just Ain't Right
  8. U.Y.F.S.
  9. On Time
  10. All I've Got
  11. Go Easy Now
  12. The Exorcist
  13. Pride
Hellacopters, The - By The Grace Of God
What do THE HIVES and THE VINES have in common? They have ripped off The HELLACOPTERS sound and didn't even thank them for it. THE HELLACOPTERS which features Nick Andersson formerly of ENTOMBED on guitars started his band ten years ago with the intentions of being just a Fun Rock band. While the band has built up quite a good reputation around the Rock scene of Europe and America, they have not gained the wealth that the former bands mentioned gained in such a short amount of time.

Enough of the ranting. Let's get to the meat and potatoes here. While the new disc doesn't have the raw edge that it once did on "Supershitty To The Max" and "Payin' The Dues", they continue on the same path of "High Visibility" by being a bit more poppy with a slight polished edge. This isn't a bad thing here. The songs are still catchy, quick and pack a punch and let's not forget one important thing here...they still ROCK! What is cool as well is that they continue to use the piano on songs like "All New Low" and more courtesy of Boba Fett. With the piano here, it gives the bands sound a cool dynamic which is very 70's without sounding very dated.

"Better Than You" has a Rock and Blues thing going on that has steel guitar riffs that bring to mind Chuck Berry and the piano stylings of Jerry Lee Lewis which shows where the inspiration comes from to make this great music. "Rainy Days Revisited" is a ballad of sorts that follows along the lines of "No Song Unheard" from "High Visibility" which is really nice and still have a good riff and groove to make it Rock. The band still continues to deliver the goods with its one two punch and songs that are under 4 minutes. The only thing that prevented me from giving this disc a perfect ten is that the songs are too short. It's over before you know it. It would have been nice to either add more songs or stretch them out by a minute or two more, but then that would take away the one thing about this band...this band is SPECIAL in the Rock community.

This album rocks from beginning to end with no disappointments. So, if you live in Sweden, buy this now. The rest of Europe will have it shortly and if you are an American that can't get enough of this band, then order it from abroad as it won't make its way here for about a year or so. Worth hunting high and low for. (Online November 3, 2002)

Joe Florez

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