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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - KRISIUN - Southern Storm

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Krisiun - Southern Storm (8,5/10) - Brazil - 2008

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 51:26
Band homepage: Krisiun


  1. Slaying Steel
  2. Sentenced Morning
  3. Twisting Sights
  4. Minotaur
  5. Combustion Inferno
  6. Massacre Under The Sun
  7. Bleeding Offers
  8. Refuse/Resist
  9. Origin Of Terror
  10. Contradictions Of Decay
  11. Sons Of Pest
  12. Black Wind
  13. Whore Of The Unlight
Krisiun - Southern Storm

I won’t pretend to be well-versed in the ways of KRISIUN, as I’m what you’d call a newcomer to the Brazilian Death-mongers. A long-time Metal fan, the genre of Death Metal has escaped me for many years, with a only a small handful of exceptions. But as of late, Death has overtaken me in a way, and in the furious storm of releases I’ve been just as furiously checking out, I happened upon KRISIUN’s “AssassiNation”. Now I won’t say that it blew me away, but I was certainly impressed by the band’s ability to mesh ultra brutality with just enough technicality and a rather amazing amount of, dare I say, catchiness. With that, I soon discovered that KRISIUN newest slab was just around the corner, and waited with bated breath.


Here I sit, listening to “Southern Storm” for around the 10th time, and I gotta tell you, it’s badass. I don’t normally go with such simpleton terms to describe good Metal, but that’s really the best single-term descriptor I could come up with. “Southern Storm” lives up to it’s name, especially if you think of the hurricanes that tend to plague the southern portion of North America. While a little less “catchy” than its predecessor, the album makes up for it sheer aggression. And don’t get me wrong, the songs are still memorable, but it’s obvious with this album that KRISIUN’s point was to bludgeon to death everything in their path. From my first listen to my most recent, one thought has stuck in my head in regards to “Southern Storm”: VADER on some seriously stout steroids. You get that sort of hyper-aggressive Death/Thrash hybrid that VADER provides, only in an insanely more muscular form, which is saying a lot since VADER slays just about everything.


As was the case with “AssassiNation”, the weakest link of “Southern Storm” is the cover song that KRISIUN felt the need to add, this time in the form of SEPULTURA’s “Refuse/Resist”. Certainly not a bad song, and by no means a bad cover, it just doesn’t harbor the same aggression that the rest of the material does. At least on “AssassiNation” KRISIUN put the cover at the end, but on “Southern Storm” it’s stuck right in the middle.


Those deathheads among you who get off on mind-blowing musicianship will be just as pleased as the savages, as KRISIUN offers it in spades, but nearly always steers clear of wankery (watch for the end of “Massacre Under The Sun”). Top everything off with a clear but heavy as a ton of bricks production/mix, and you have a top candidate for Death Metal album of the year.

(Online September 5, 2008)

Eric Vieth

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