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Týr - Land (9,5/10) - Faroe Islands - 2008

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 68:26
Band homepage: Týr


  1. Gandkvaedi Trondar
  2. Sinklars Visa
  3. Ocean
  4. Gatu Rima
  5. Brennivin
  6. Fipan Fagra
  7. Valkyrjan
  8. Lokka Tattur
  9. Land
  10. Hail To The Hammer
Týr - Land

The one-handed god of war finally has made “Land“ and goes for a break. His berserkers from the Faroe Isles stay on board, get their lutes and war drums and start playing.


Has anything changed in the band sound? Some say that they turned catchier, others that it got more complicated. I won’t say either, otherwise I’d be pinned down to one thing. Seriousness aside, the truth is somewhere in-between, but it’s a fact that I love this band since I had heard it for the first time, but it is also a fact that the first two albums stay unreached. Still the band has once more released an excellent album. What sets the band massively apart from their Viking Metal colleagues is that they are way more detailed. No matter if you look at the Folk elements or the Metal elements, the band remains as original as it can be and leave Humppa safely in the drawer.


Yes, you need a little time to get into the songs, because TÝR take elements from most of our beloved music’s sub-genres, normal, progressive and even speedy sounds, even Doom Metal is not forgotten. They only leave their fingers off the Death/Black genres, but those are already covered by FINNTROLL etc. That formation might be in the speed lane in terms of sales, but people will still positively remember TYR 20 years from now, who likes it demanding will also like TYR, basta!


But enough sweet talk, if you have this album available, make sure to listen to  “Sinklars Visa”, which almost reaches “Regin Smidur”, “Brennivin” with its very happy chorus or the re-recording of the ultra killer “Hail To The Hammer” and you will understand my enthusiasm. The first edition also contains a bonus DVD with their 2007 Wacken gig. At one point I want to hug the band for “Regin Smidur”, even though the band probably won’t be as happy about that. But enough nonsense, get this piece.

(Online December 30, 2008)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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