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Blaze - Silicon Messiah (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2000

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 52:06
Band homepage: Blaze


  1. Ghost In The Machine
  2. Evolution
  3. Silicon Messiah
  4. Born As A Stranger
  5. The Hunger
  6. The Brave
  7. Identity
  8. Reach For The Horizon
  9. The Launch
  10. Stare At The Sun
Blaze - Silicon Messiah
The new album by Blaze Bayley had not been so anxiously awaited as "Brave New World", but it still generated a lot of interest, how the former MAIDEN-fronter sounded today.

Already the opening "Ghost in The Machine" is a good finger-point to what will await the listener, because the guitars are a whole lot more modern than WOLFSBANE or IRON MAIDEN ever had been, but still manage to keep this side of the trend-waters, while the chorus is very catchy and accessible. The beginning of the title-track is somewhat reminiscent of the maidens, but just there, "Silicon Messiah" draws its qualities from different, yet not less interesting vials.

At "The Brave" you almost could wager that it is a remnant of Bayley's more recent past, because the galloping guitars really remind you of his latest employer, and suits him fairly well. The shortest track then is the best as well: "The Launch", a crunchy and quite fast track, with a very catchy melody to it. The eight-minute-epos "Stare At The Sun" then can convince with its good structure and also closes the album in style.

So who has thought that "Silicon Messiah" might be a bastard from WOLFSBANE and IRON MAIDEN, will be disappointed, because even though Bayley's voice of course is the connection to those two bands, BLAZE just sound different. Even though everybody will have to make this experience for him/herself, I like it...

Alexander Melzer

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