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Sculptor - The Verdict (9,5/10) - Serbia - 2008

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:26
Band homepage: Sculptor


  1. The Final Verdict
  2. The Day After The Verdict
  3. Exile
  4. Response
Sculptor - The Verdict

Reviewing demos is such a strange thing.   Normally it is more difficult to decipher what the band is trying to show and whether or not the potential is actually there, but in the case of SCULPTOR’s demo, “The Verdict”, it wasn’t difficult at all.  In fact, this band not only shows amazing musicianship and performances on this demo but the material (only 3 songs and an intro) is better then most bands that are signed to labels already.


I was absolutely blown away by “The Verdict”.   SCULPTOR is pure worship to the later years of DEATH but it’s an influence that pushes the band further instead of hindering them into just ‘sounding like’ said band.    Progressive song writing tendencies really take the normal Death Metal and Thrash Metal parts to new levels.   Impressive guitars, particularly unique and fresh sounding rhythms and fret work, align with impressive bass guitar work (which is something one doesn’t hear every day in the Death and Thrash genres) and equally striking drum work to weave some of the best song writing I’ve heard all year.    The vocals are a bit hollow at times but the style kind of nurtures that this as his hisses and rasps over the remarkable instrument work. 


My only other complaint is that, well, its too damn short.  This band needs a lot more money and a lot of support from fans and labels for them to really reach where their potential can lead them.   So if you are interested go to the bands MySpace (click the band link above) and download all the tracks from there.  That’s right all these tracks are free on their MySpace.   So help this awesome band out and listen to them and let’s get these guys signed.   


“The Verdict” might not be innocent but the only thing it’s guilty of is being too good for a demo.   SCULPTOR could be the next big thing and if they continue on with their music like the material on this demo – then they have me behind them all the way.


Songs to check out:  Well there is only three – so check them all out!

(Online September 12, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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