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Jennie Tebler's Out Of Oblivion - Till Death Tear Us Part (3,5/10) - Sweden - 2008

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 47:31
Band homepage: Jennie Tebler's Out Of Oblivion


  1. Brand New Start
  2. Demons Ode
  3. Queen Of Ice
  4. Life Full Of Lies
  5. Never Stop Crying
  6. Mistake
  7. Succubus
  8. Enchanted
  9. Release Me
  10. Between Life And Death
Jennie Tebler's Out Of Oblivion - Till Death Tear Us Part

On February 17th 1966, a man was born who would forever change the face of Black Metal and would go on to change the world of so many people who got caught in the wake of his Viking Metal.  The name of Quorthon will forever echo in the mighty halls of Valhalla as one of the most influential musicians of his unfortunately short-lived time on this earth.  Thomas “Quorthon” Forsberg is the brother of Jennie Tebler and this fact is perhaps the only reason why many will listen to the debut album of JENNIE TEBLER’S OUT OF OBLIVION. 

The music of “Till Death Tear Us Part” can be described as Gothic Metal with a few slight nuances of Progressive Metal thrown in, almost in an enforced attempt to make this album slightly more interesting and “intellectual?” than the average Gothic Metal album.  The lyrics on this album were also incredibly disappointing and I could not keep my mind from wandering back to primary school, to the days when we were given poetry assignments in our language classes and had to stand up in front of the class and share it with our fellow students.  To add to the overall disappointment of the album, Jennie’s vocals are just about average all the way through and she never manages to really convince one that she can actually sing, not that she is bad, just utterly average.  The closest comparison to another vocalist I could suggest is Cristina Scabbia and while this might seem like a favourable comparison, Ms. Scabbia might be a little less thrilled about it than Ms. Tebler.  The comparison is also certainly more accurate when it is made with the first few LACUNA COIL albums and “In A Reverie” would be a good reference point.  I am not without hope however, and with more time and maturity her vocals might improve to such a point where another hopeful new vocalist might, one day, be compared to Jennie Tebler.

I really would find it hard to recommend this to anyone and it does not offer anything special at all, ever.  It is not a bad effort as a debut though, but if JENNIE TEBLER’S OUT OF OBLIVION does not want to find them self spinning into oblivion (and the bargain bin), some serious work needs to be done before they release the next album.  While it might be incredibly unfair on my part to suggest that, I sometimes got the feeling that they were trying to ride on the spirit of Quorthon and I sincerely hope that the next album will be more worthy of the famous bloodline.

(Online September 13, 2008)

Jean-Pierre du Toit

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