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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - ARTILLERY - Fear Of Tomorrow (Remastered)

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Artillery - Fear Of Tomorrow (Remastered) (9/10) - Denmark - 1985/2008

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 72:21
Band homepage: -


  1. Time Has Come
  2. The Almighty
  3. Show Your Hate
  4. King Their Name Is Slayer
  5. Out Of The Sky
  6. Into The Universe
  7. The Eternal War
  8. Fear Of Tomorrow
  9. Deeds Of Darkness
  10. Out Of The Sky (Demo)
  11. Deeds Of Darkness (Demo)
  12. Fear Of Tomorrow (Demo)
  13. Hey Woman (Demo)
  14. Time Has Come (Demo)
  15. Mind Of No Return (Demo)
  16. Bitch (Demo)
Artillery - Fear Of Tomorrow (Remastered)

ARTILLERY has almost always been my underground pick for kick ass Thrash Metal band. Massively underrated and overlooked, ARTILLERY’s debut album, “Fear Of Tomorrow” (originally released in 1985) is pure 80s Thrash Metal at some of its best. And since Thrash is coming back in full force as of late, it’s about time that all these new Thrashers get to hear this album even if it is for the first time. It also helps to have the publicity when there is word of a new album on the horizon for the band.


But here we are with a newly remastered edition of “Fear Of Tomorrow”. And quite frankly, it’s nice to hear the band as a whole in a slightly crisper sound. Fans of the older slightly dirtier copy might miss the raw charisma of the original but I, for one, am not going to complain. The guitars have a brand new pop to them as these riff monsters pummel out song after song and lead work and soloing (probably some of the best the band has ever done) has a wonderful sharpness to it again. The bass is now more audible and one can hear the stellar drum work in its full ferocity. Unfortunately, this new remastering isn’t quite able to fulfill on the vocals. Flemming Rönsdorf’s vocals are still a little off (they were my one complaint about the album originally) in production as there still is that very odd and very 80s echo effect on them.  


“Fear Of Tomorrow” is still a Thrash Metal classic though. And any Thrash fan is going to love the initial album on this remastered release. The shredding and instrumental work is of the highest quality and although the vocal production does irk me, Flemming’s range from high notes to the harsher vocals on “Time Has Come” is still quite good. There is a reason that this release is worth the remastering. 


For all those ARTILLERY fans out there that already own the album, there is still incentive to pick up this release. Seven additional bonus tracks (songs from before the release and some alternate versions in demo form for the most part) are added to the end. Although you are going to hear some of the same songs from the album, it’s a collectors dream as one can finally hear some of the rarities. 


Thrash fans should already have this album and if you don’t then this remastered version is a must have. ARTILLERY, once again active, is one of those bands that should have been appreciated more than they were back in the day and “Fear Of Tomorrow” is a massively catchy and aggressive debut for them. Eagerly awaiting a new album now.


Songs to check out:  “Time Has Come”, “Show Your Hate”, “Deeds Of Darkness”. 

(Online September 17, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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