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Lacrimas Profundere - Songs For The Last View (3/10) - Germany - 2008

Genre: Gothic Rock / Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 43:53
Band homepage: Lacrimas Profundere


  1. The Last View
  2. A Pearl
  3. The Shadow I Once Kissed
  4. Veins
  5. We Shouldn't Be Here
  6. And God's Ocean
  7. Suicide Sun
  8. Dear Amy
  9. A Dead Man
  10. Sacrificial Lamb
  11. Lullaby For A Weeping Girl
  12. While
Lacrimas Profundere - Songs For The Last View

The Metal audience receives hereby yet another effort from the Germans of LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE. Their Doom Metal era has been long time gone and the guys have been focusing on making Gothic Rock/Metal in the vein of H.I.M.


I have no idea where this band would have ended up if they had been sticking to their music roots, but what is sure for me is that they hardly ever will become Goth stars as long as they only are capable of copying the ideas their famous Finnish inspirers have been coming up with.


Honestly, nearly each and every moment of “Songs For The Last View” simply reeks of H.I.M., though there are certain differences between these groups. The main one is that Ville Valo and his crew do not have any difficulties in creating haunting and memorable melodies whereas the Germans, though trying as they might, can scarcely make my blood pressure higher.  A small exception is in this case one of the last songs called “Lullaby For A Weeping Girl” – the Finnish musical influences are more than obvious, yet the composition in general represents a very good level and grabs you with its energy and melodies. Otherwise the band’s attempts at becoming new H.I.M. are rather poor, irrespective of whether their efforts are more lively songs maintained in faster tempo or ballads attempting at creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere.


Apart from the melodious keyboard lines and Goth Rock/Metal riffs one will surely pay attention to the vocal section which is the main reason for comparisons to the above-mentioned band. Certain variation appears here only rarely like in “The Shadow I Once Kissed”  featuring female vocals or the following “Veins” in which the stanzas are sung in a non-Valo manner.


There is not a single song here (most of them clocking between 3-4 minutes) which would bear at least a slight amount of something fresh and unpredictable. On the contrary, the structure of every tune is as unsurprising as the fact that Friday is followed by Saturday. As a result one can often hear a pretty dynamic introduction in the beginning which turns into slightly less aggressive verse and then again the more energetic part constituting chorus is being delivered.


LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE have recorded a mediocre stuff that is difficult to accept for me as the Germans not only play in an utterly unoriginal way taking most inspiration from the Finnish authors of the somewhat bizarre notion, "Love Metal", but also do not have much to offer as far as the quality of the songs is concerned. The final rate might have been higher if the song-writing was better – after all setting focus on making catchy melodies is a priority in this genre rather than incorporating any revolutionary ideas – unfortunately, producing remarkable songs, even if strongly inspired by other bands, is not what LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE are specially good at.

(Online September 18, 2008)

Sebastian Jazdzewski

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