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Kissin' Dynamite - Steel Of Swabia (8,5/10) - Germany - 2008

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: EMI Music
Playing time: 45:02
Band homepage: Kissin' Dynamite


  1. Let’s Get Freaky
  2. Out In The Rain
  3. Steel Of Swabia
  4. Against The World
  5. My Religion
  6. Only The Good Die Young
  7. Zombie
  8. Welcome To The Jungle
  9. Heartattack
  10. Lie For Me
  11. Ready Steady Thunder
  12. I Hate Hip Hop
Kissin' Dynamite - Steel Of Swabia

Holy crap. There are five young grasshoppers from Germany’s southwest, striding straight onto the battlefield and teaching the veteran Metal warriors fear. With confidence the boys titled their debut “Steel Of Swabia” and I don’t think they could have found a more fitting title.


When a major label such as EMI signs a Heavy Metal band directly for its first album, it has to be something special. Or is it just fashion to release child bands (not meant derogatorily)? See STURM & DRANG, TRACEDAWN, … Anyways, when you hear the music, you would think that they are playing together for years already. The Swabians show impeccable musicianship and also write catchy tunes by the dozen. Musically they sit somewhere between newer MANOWAR and MÖTLEY CRÜE, where I find myself more often than not comparing it to “One Size Fits All”, PINK CREAM 69’s best release. Oh my, the songs rock wild and free, but always highly professional. Now I am wondering how this is going to work out live.

Do yourselves a favour and raise your fists to ultra crackers like “Zombie“ or “Welcome To The Jungle“, shake your hair for speedsters such as the title track, shed a tear with the masterful ballad “Against The World” and celebrate the ultimate hymn “Only The Good Die Young“. This album should pull many young EDGUY fans as well as old veteran Rockers under its spell. Great, so there can be only one conclusion: BUY!!!

(Online December 24, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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