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33 tablatures for Saxon

Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder (10/10) - Great Britain - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 89:59
Band homepage: Saxon


CD 1
  1. Heavy Metal Thunder
  2. Strong Arm Of The Law
  3. Power & The Glory
  4. And The Bands Played On
  5. Crusader
  6. Dallas 1pm
  7. Princess Of The Night
  8. Wheels Of Steel
  9. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
  10. Motorcycle Man
  11. Never Surrender
  12. Denim & Leather
  13. Backs To The Wall
CD 2
  1. Broken Heroes live
  2. Dragon's Lair live
  3. The Eagle Has Landed
  4. 20 000ft
  5. Crusader
  6. Killing Ground (enhanced video from Wacken 2001)
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder
Those of you with the "Killing Ground" bonus disc will already have eight of these re-recorded classics but SAXON have gone a step further ahead and added five more of their earlier pieces for inclusion and to make matters even better they've added a 5 track bonus live CD with an enhanced video track to boot!

Undergoing a bit of resurgence this CD only strengthens my opinion that along side MAIDEN and MOTÖRHEAD SAXON are one of the true great British Heavy Metal bands. Honestly hearing the likes of "Crusader", "Strong Arm Of The Law", "Dallas 1pm", "Power And The Glory", the mighty "Wheels Of Steel" all polished and cleaned up has given Barnsley's Big Teasers a fresh breath of life. Just how one band can write so many classic songs is a rarity in today's overcrowded Metal market.

The live CD is taken from the San Antonio, Texas show this year. Advertised as an official bootleg? Classics like "Crusader", "20 000ft", and "The Eagle Has Landed" sit along side "Broken Heroes" - written for the heroes of September 11 and "Dragon's Lair", one of the top tracks from "Killing Ground". The sound isn't 100% but that's why it's afforded the bootleg tag I guess but for the fan and casual observer this is yet another essential purchase. (Online November 8, 2002)

Chris Doran

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