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Ice Ages - Buried Silence (7/10) - Austria - 2008

Genre: Industrial / Dark Wave
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 54:37
Band homepage: Ice Ages


  1. Intro
  2. Buried Silence
  3. Regret
  4. From Grey To...
  5. Icarus
  6. Through The Mirror
  7. Essential Loss
  8. Enemy Inside
  9. Tormented in Grace
  10. Curse
Ice Ages - Buried Silence

It is probably impossible to avoid to comparing ICE AGES with Metal’s most dedicated worshippers of all things Tolkien (and that is saying something), Summoning.  Although there aren’t many instrumental similarities between ICE AGES and main man Protector’s (real name Richard Lederer) more well-known band, there are strong parallels in song structure and melody.  The almost danceable keyboard sections present on some SUMMONING albums make a dominant presence on "Buried Silence", only here, they function as the driving force of the band’s sound rather than a supplement. 


The epic feelings that SUMMONING’s music can summon (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) are present here, though not in such awe-inspiring force.  ICE AGES seems more concerned with delving into a quiet darkness, the kind manifested in one’s own mind, than the despair conjured by the marching hordes of Mordor.  This approach, rather than being infused with a fantasy-geek zeal, can come off as rather maudlin.  Songs about personal torment set to dissonant Industrial rhythms are about as formulaic as a Nu-Metal band… singing about personal torment.  It comes off as unimaginative at best and, at worst, dishonest. 


The sound itself is antiquated, covering much the same ground that SKINNY PUPPY and similar bands traversed in the 1980s.  The same motorized, electronic beats and the mechanically distorted vocals make their presence known in every song.  In fact, much of the same sound effects are looped into similar rhythms, creating a sonic monotony during the last few tracks that is difficult to escape.  However, ICE AGES really hits an enjoyable stride when it picks up the pace and breaks away from this repetitiveness.  “Regret” is a song that would have been, and still might be, a welcome addition to any Industrial or Goth club.  In reality, the album is a way for Protector to explore his non-Sword and Sorcery musical indulgences and there’s nothing wrong with that.  For people that hunger for some gloom-and-doom to dance to, "Buried Silence" is a good place to start.  

(Online September 30, 2008)

John Arminio

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