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Eden's Fall - Harmony Of Lies (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Nothingheart Records
Playing time: 43:19
Band homepage: Eden's Fall


  1. Blur The Lines
  2. Planet Hate
  3. Lost Again
  4. Chemical Dreams
  5. Bleed
  6. Dead Thought Matrix
  7. Liquid Christ
  8. We Betray
  9. Nothingheart
Eden's Fall - Harmony Of Lies

EDEN'S FALL seemingly pulled out all the stops for their first full-length album getting metal legends Dan Swanö and James Murphy to mix and master "Harmony Of Lies."

As expected, the production job on this album is great, but the music itself is no slouch either. "Harmony Of Lies" is a pretty straightforward Heavy Metal album with lots of Thrash influence and also some Power Metal moments as well. There are a lot of great, fast riffs on this album and also some cool lead sections. One thing that stood out to me was the various clean sections throughout that never sounded out of place or forced. Plus there are some great slower, groove heavy riffs to break up all thrashing in most of the songs. I have to say that the vocals aren't my favorite style, but fans of old school Thrash will undoubtedly enjoy them. 

I just can't go through this whole review without talking more about the production job. I'm personally a huge fan of Dan Swano and also of most albums that James Murphy has worked on. The overall mix is nice and heavy, the drums have a thick and punchy sound and the guitars have a great blend of that classic Heavy Metal sound but with a modern edge. Very impressive stuff for sure.

I'd honestly have to recommend "Harmony Of Lies" to all Metal fans out there. It's good to take a break from all the more modern metal genres out there and listen to a "new" band that plays this "old" style of Metal.

(Online September 30, 2008)

Mark Palangio

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